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Love Volunteers provides meaningful, life-changing volunteering abroad programs in more than 35 developing countries worldwide.

Join the worlds fastest growing independant volunteering organization on any one of our 150+ low-cost project options now! Be more than just a volunteer..become a Love Volunteer and make a REAL difference! 

Every year we assist thousands of volunteers from all over the world into short and long term voluntary service positions, and with hundreds of community-based development programs, we will have a program to suit your skills, in a place that will truly WOW you!

Love Volunteers is the most affordable way to volunteer and help local communities in developing countries! Why are we cheaper than other organizations? Firstly, we are just a handful of passionate people working hard to help volunteers and local communities around the world. We don't have huge overheads - no company cars, no downtown office - we're just volunteers who knew we could do a better job.

Secondly, we work with local organizations wherever we can to keep administration costs to a minimum and also to feed as much money and skills into the local communities where we operate. All of Love Volunteers partner organizations have been fully vetted to ensure that, not only does a genuine need for assistance exist, but that the environments that we place our volunteers are safe and of a high quality.

Choose from one or more of our 150+ amazing community-based programs in 35 developing countries around the world. Every program has been personally visited by one of our dedicated staff members and is regularly audited to ensure it meets our high standards in terms of safety, sustainability and local impact. Volunteers can choose teaching, working with people with disabilities, in medical clinics, in environmental programs, and so much more!

Be more than just a volunteer... join the world’s fastest growing independent volunteer organization and become a LOVE VOLUNTEER!


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Love Volunteers Reviews


My first experience with Love Volunteers was in Quito, Ecuador. I went for 2 weeks over the Christmas Holiday- and although I was missing my family seeing how another culture celebrates was beyond AMAZING! Even just their day to day life was fun to compare to mine. However, I was expecting to live with a family who didn't have a lot of "things" and I found that this family lived a more luxurious style than myself. My only complaint was that my host mother had her favorites, the ones who had been there for months and longer stays, and the host siblings were older and never home and when they were they weren't interactive with us. My host family had 6 bedrooms of other volunteers so it was fun to interact with them as well.

I loved that Love Volunteer's offered language lessons, nightly culture classes and events, a volunteer fiesta for the holiday, and guided outings to parts of the country I might not have been able to find myself. They were also their to help with directions to the volunteer site and back to the homestead (they even go with you on the first day and printed out instructions) and they were able to help with details and any questions. I loved it so much I am going on another trip in a couple months to Guatemala!

By: Jaime
Nationality: United States
Age: 23

Teaching English in New Delhi

About a year ago I volunteered for 12 weeks with Love Volunteers in New Delhi, India. I was teaching English to children between the ages of 5 and 12 in a low income area in the city. Although the school had only three rooms and a few basic materials , the welcome we received from the local teachers there was amazing. The kids were all motivated to learn, grateful to have someone to teach them, and full of energy!
At the same time, the volunteer house were I stayed was ran by two incredible kind and helpful men. Besides cooking delicious Indian and Nepalese food, they were always willing to help us with anything we might need - from buying a SIM card to planning a trip to Agra.
Lastly, the other volunteers that were living with me at that time made the experience exceptionally memorable. Everybody was cooperative, generous, and willing to explore the city. Throughout the three months I was there I got so close with some of them that we are still in touch and have visited each other even after the experience was over.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is willing to grow and become a better person!

By: Loren Sandoval
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 21

India Trip

I had a great time traveling in India. My favorite part was staying in the Haveli in Jaipur. I met amazing friends along the way.

By: Nicole Contreras
Nationality: American
Age: 27


I had an outstanding experience in Nepal; teaching English to Buddhist monks in a monastery in Pokhara - it has changed and formed my life in so many ways, and the experience still reflects in my day to day life all these months later and I'm sure it will continue to do so!

I cannot thank love volunteers enough for all the help and support prior, during and after my placement and for giving me the opportunity to have one of the most wonderful and unique opportunities.

I have gained so many memories and skills, explored boundaries I never thought I would and met incredible humans who without this opportunity it wouldn't be possible.

The monastery was so beautiful and so peaceful and the boys I was teaching and the rest of the people living at the monastery were so kind and welcoming.

It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life; the Nepalese people are incredible, so warm and so genuine, and I hope some day I can go back there as they remain forever near and dear to my heart.

Now I've returned home it gives me such happiness being able to tell others of all the amazing stories and even the challenges along the way that made it all that more rewarding and again I just cannot thank love volunteers enough for this

the first day I got here it was a massive culture shock, Kathmandu airport was absolutely chaotic along with all the streets in Nepal so I was really starting to think 'what have I got myself into'! I was genuinely worried that I wouldn't be able to make it through my placement because of the difficulty I was having settling into the new culture. However, after the first few days you realise that it really is the charisma of the country and all the little glitches along the way that make you love the experience even more.

The placement is far from easy, but the challenge makes it all the more rewarding. I think anyone that goes into a volunteer placement will have made​ assumptions before they get there but I think any volunteer can tell you that it'll be nothing like you expect.

Everyone who resides at this monastery has been amazing and so kind; the Nepalese people are so unbelievably welcoming and friendly and eating Dal baht everyday, having to take cold showers and crossing the crazy roads is all part of the experience!

By: Katie
Nationality: UK
Age: 19

Help others while you grow!

I volunteered in Kenya last year and it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve done!

I was looking for a low-budget program, but also a good and SUPER SAFE one when, I stumbled onto Love Volunteers…they were exactly what I needed!

The Love Volunteers team and the crew from the local organization were amazingly helpful and patient with me! (I’m the kind of person who asks way too much).

During all the process, and also once I was in Kenya, they helped me to feel fine, secure and happy with my experience. I stayed for a month and had the opportunity to work with different people in different projects: teaching in a small town, building a school in Maasai Mara land and helping in orphanages near Nairobi.

Whatever you decide to do, I’m pretty sure they’ll make you feel supported and you’ll be thrilled with the experience. All the activities and places will challenge you in a way, so at the end, you will realize that you participate in a bilateral help, because people and situations will make you grow and become a better and stronger person.

I strongly recommend volunteer around the world and Love Volunteers is a perfect partner to do it with!

By: Marcela
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 27

Expanding the horizon

I loved volunteering in Kenya.
We had actually booked our trip through the Global Work and Travel Co. which I must admit wasn't a very positive experience.
We (my sister and I) both felt there was zero effort put into this trip for us, plus when we found out how much Love Volunteers charges for two weeks in comparison, we were not only slightly angered but also wondering where the rest of the money went.
Once we arrived in Kenya everything was smooth sailing though! I would definitely book directly through Love Volunteers!
They offer so many trips as well, and show you around as only locals can.
The Hell's Gate tour we booked through them was amazing! We ran into another group during our tour, and they were not happy about how things were being done.
We really got to see the local side of Kenya and were able to take public transportation by the end of the first week.
Love Volunteers really makes a great effort to make their volunteers feel at home!
Our house was great and we felt really welcome.
And the children!
My Word! They are always so happy and open!
I loved my grade two class and was really sad to leave them behind.
It was an eye opening experience that I will not forget.
I truly believe we need more organizations like Love Volunteers out there, because they not only help the volunteers, but go out onto the streets and spread awareness to their people.
One of the locals showing us around said Love Volunteers opened his eyes and got him off the streets paying for his education and supporting him in getting his drivers licence.
That's truly what these countries need, is to raise awareness for their own people and help them get into a better and healthier life.
I really do believe they are making a difference and am thankful for the experience I was able to have!

By: Sarah
Nationality: German/Canadiam
Age: 26

The Joy of Giving!

Working with children will always make you feel younger at heart. This past April I volunteered in Senegal. I volunteered with Love Volunteers, throughout my trip I received emails of support. I enjoyed volunteering with this organization, because I was given the opportunity to volunteer as an individual. My placement was at a school, I was given the schedule and then allowed to adventure out on my own. This allowed me to bring ideas I had to the children and staff. Even though I was able to independently volunteer, I still felt the sense of security. Love volunteers did an amazing job with making sure we felt safe at our placement. I knew I could email the staff of Love Volunteers. If I ever needed support, which I didn't have to because the people of Senegal welcomed me as family. Working in Senegal gave me the sense of Happiness. I was eager to wake up every morning and go to the school. The reason was because I couldn't wait to see the children. I was greeted every morning with smiles, the kids couldn't wait to learn. The staff at the school was also helpful they made sure I had everything I needed. They also made sure I was safe. I can't put in words how this experience has shaped me and molded me into a different person. This experience could only be felt. I will defiantly volunteer with this organization again. It was life changing!!!

By: Genie Dalomba
Nationality: cape verdean
Age: 27

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