If you are looking to volunteer and are currently researching options you will have noticed there are literally hundreds of international volunteer companies around the world. But which one should you choose to apply with?

To help make your decision easier we have have put together a list of the top 25 volunteer companies in the world based on reviews, reputation and other factors like cost, impact, community involvement and affiliations.

Most of the companies we have listed are international sending agencies or local organisations who offer structured trips which usually include pre-departure information, transfers, accommodation, meals, in-country staff and support.

Some companies have offices all around the world whilst others are located in a specifc country. Most accept volunteers of all nationalities and ages.

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Now view our list starting with large international volunteering organisations offering global opportunities and also regional specialists. Arrange a life changing trip today.


1. GVI

Founded in 1998, GVI runs programs in 21 locations, in 13 countries around the world, each manned by our own staff and aligned to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or UN SDGs as well as the objectives of local partners.

Being responsible to sustainable development is at the core of everything GVI do and they are guided by ethical commitments and human empowerment principles. Make an impact & apply today!


2. Oyster Worldwide

Oyster Worldwide logo

Oyster Worldwide is a family-owned UK based travel specialist and offer amazing trips to 20+ destinations worldwide. From working abroad, volunteering or travelling you can find something to match your interests.

Oyster have one of the friendliest teams you can get who offer a really personal touch. Expect excellent support before, during and after your project. Oyster are one of the longest running organisations of our kind and one of the most experienced.

All of their UK staff have travelled extensively and have taken a gap year – and are as passionate about the projects as they are about making sure you gain as much as they did.


3. Global Work & Travel

The Global Work & Travel Co.

If you are feeling altruistic and have a heart of gold, volunteering overseas with Global Work & Travel gives you the unique opportunity to experience local cultures first-hand and make a real difference in critical projects and causes internationally, from Africa and Asia, Central and South America to Europe and the South Pacific. 


4. InterExchange


InterExchange offer life-changing experiences around the world including volunteering, teaching, language courses and work and travel programs.

You can embark on an overseas exploration of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and gain hands-on insight and connections with environmental and social sustainability initiatives.

The Sustainable Action educational tours in locations like Germany and Costa Rica combine adventure with group activities, discussions, and personal connections with local NGOs around the world.


5. International TEFL & TESOL Training

ittt logo

Have you ever thought about going to teach English abroad? Good decision! There are paid and voluntary placements all around the world and one of the best ways to get hired is to take a TEFL (teach English as a foreign language) certification course.

If you would like to teach English abroad, whether as a volunteer program or paid job, then check out International TEFL & TESOL Training (ITTT) who offer internationally accredited online and classroom TEFL courses which can be taken in over 30 worldwide locations.

This certification is internationally accredited and provides you with a recognsied qualification allowing you to teach all around the world.


6. Plan My Gap Year


Plan My Gap Year are an award winning specialist in gap year volunteering programs abroad. They offer really popular placements worldwide which are safe and affordable. You can join from 1-24 weeks with prices starting from £150.

Participants don’t need any previous experience, just 100% commitment, and it’s a great way to make a difference while developing a fabulous skill. Volunteers are provided with an extensive pre-departure support service, airport pickup, orientation, meals, accommodation, project transportation and local support throughout their placement.


7. The Great Projects

The Great Projects

Would you like to help wildlife and conservation efforts in some of the most exotic destinations in the world? Apply to volunteer abroad with animals with The Great Projects - a UK based company who offer unique wildlife conservation projects and tours where you can learn about and help endangered species.

If you are passionate about animals, you will love the trips The Great Projects offer. Featured opportunities include orangutan conservation in Borneo, working with whale sharks in the Maldives, helping sloths in Costa Rica, protecting sharks in South Africa and safari volunteer tours in India. 


8. Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers

Are you ethically minded and looking to help animals and conservation? Oceans 2 Earth are committed to the rescue, care, rehabilitation and release of wildlife and marine conservation initiatives. You can choose from projects in 7 countries including Australia, Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, Ecuador, Malawi and Mexico

Project activities include feeding animals, collecting and preparing animals’ food, cleaning enclosures, assisting in animal rescues and emergency treatment, providing animal enrichments, building nesting boxes and feeders, undertaking environmental education activities, beach cleanups, whale research, and reef monitoring. 

Anyone who loves animals will love Oceans 2 Earth projects.




NATUCATE offer volunteer projects, nature-oriented educational courses, especially field guide courses, internships abroad with a focus on nature conservation as well as environmental and wildlife protection. 

They create and organize individual sabbaticals with special emphasis on becoming active in protecting the environment, personal development and acquiring valuable new knowledge. Sustainable and responsible traveling, so-called ecotourism, as well as nature and adventure travel are further areas of expertise.

NATUCATE programs are not only open to school-leavers, students and graduates, but also addresses working people and over 50s. If you are looking for a way to broaden your horizons in an unforgettable and, at the same time, meaningful way, then NATUCATE are highly recommended.


10. Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad are one of the most respected names in the volunteering industry. They have helped thousands of people go on structured volunteer trips in developing countries around the world. Whether you are looking to volunteer abroad, take a gap year, intern or want to book a volunteer vacation Projects Abroad can help.

Projects Abroad have over 25 years of experience organising flexible volunteer projects for international participants which are open to anyone aged 15 - 75+. You can choose from worthwhile trips in 30+ destinations worldwide and when abroad you will get experienced English speaking staff available to help you have the best time ever.


11. Fuze Ecoteer

Based in the spectacular Perhentian Islands of Malaysia, Ecoteer offer responsible volunteering holidays where you can contribute to local causes and also help wildlife and conservation efforts in Malaysia and Indonesia. Projects can be joined in spectacular locations like the Perhentian Islands, Merapoh, Ipoh and Yogyakarta. Highlights include helping sea turtles, orangutans and contributing to rainforest conservation.


12. LEAD Adventures

Lead Adventures

LEAD Adventures is a travel company based in Quito, Ecuador and offering responsible and affordable volunteering and trips throughout Ecuador and the stunning Galapagos Islands. Enjoy volunteering and learning about the places you visit with expert local guides. Choose from special taster trips including a 3 weeks island hopping volunteer tour, professional internships or helping wildlife and conservation efforts.


13. Good Hope Volunteers

Good Hope Volunteers

Good Hope Volunteers are aiming to build a better South Africa through a range of community and conservation projects that support those who truly need it. 

They are dedicated to providing sustainable volunteer opportunities that bring people from all over the world to southern Africa to experience its unique beauty, warm-hearted people, natural wonders, and varied wildlife by getting deeply involved; people who will not only make an impact on local communities, but leave changed themselves. 

You can join rewarding projects in Cape Town, along the Garden Route, in other parts of South Africa, and in Namibia.


14. V2 Volunteer & Vacation

Keen to experience the beautiful Caribbean and give back? V2 combines volunteering with exciting vacation experiences, exploring the Caribbean’s rich heritage and natural beauty. You can join short-term volunteering placements with development agencies, NGOs and charities in Jamaica and Tobago.


15. Project Everest Ventures

Project Everest Ventures

Project Everest Ventures are social entrepreneurs with goals of creating real sustainable impacts and social change. You can join trips in Malawi, India, Timor Leste and Fiji helping local communities. 

The purpose of the trips is to solve the world’s issues using enterprise, and we develop sustainable business solutions to tackle problems including food security and agricultural practice, social consulting, health, and environmental sustainability.

Applying to volunteer with Project Everest Ventures exposes you to the experience of building a social enterprise in a developing country from a grassroots level, learning and applying your skills to something aimed at creating genuine impact for real people.


16. idex


Since 2000, idex have been offering volunteering & travel programs and authentic cultural trips in 5 Asian countries (India, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand). idex create volunteer trips that offer exceptional value to travellers where you will be able to help local communities and really integrate into the local societies.


17. Volunteering Journeys

Volunteering Journeys

Volunteering Journeys are a volunteer travel agency offering authentic experiences in India. What really differentiates Volunteering Journeys from other volunteer organizations is that they combine bespoke experience in India and make sure you are not stuck in touristic locations. 

You will get a really authentic experience of India working with local people and on weekends you will be doing fun tours that are organised for you. Volunteering Journeys provide everything from airport pickup & drop, accommodation in a nice and clean guest house/home stay, 3 meals a day, 24/7 staff support, project costs and all logistics to project sites.


18. Instituto Hemingway

Instituto Hemmingway logo

Would you like to volunteer or study Spanish in Spain? Instituto Hemingway offer Spanish courses, work experience placements and volunteering placements in Bilbao and other locations in Spain.

The volunteer program offered by Instituto Hemingway is a unique opportunity to live and work in Spain as a volunteer. Through this program you will be able to help the Spanish society and build a cultural bridge between Spain and your country of origin.


19. Hibiscus Travels

Hibiscus Travels

Hibiscus Travels offers various programs and learning experiences in Costa Rica. Choose from internships and service learning trips including: conservation, community service, medical, veterinarian, study abroad, and specialized projects.

Hibiscus offers programs which include accommodations and meals, transportation, in-country support, and additional aspects upon request. Their team can also assist in customizing any program to your specific needs. 


20. ORCA Foundation

ORCA Foundation

The ORCA Foundation was established in 2001 and offer conservation and educational volunteer programs in South Africa where you can help marine animals like whales and dolphins. Their ORCA whale and marine conservation project in the Plettenberg Bay is highly recommended.


21. Elephant Freedom Project

Elephant Freedom Project

The Elephant Freedom Project is a small family run wildlife shelter for ex-captive elephants in Sri Lanka. Visits and volunteer tasters can be arranged all year round. As an ethical shelter no elephant riding is allowed but you will get to accompany the elephants on walks. Travellers, families and anyone interested to learn more about elephants in Sri Lanka is welcome to visit.


22. iSPiiCE

Teach English in India with iSPiiCE

iSPiiCE are one of the lesser known organizations on our list but we highly recommend you check them out if you are interested in making a difference in India. They are educational and community based programs helping children, women and communities in Dharamsala in the north of India. They also offer lots of excursions and sightseeing trips allowing you to see more of India in your spare time.


23. Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary

Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary

The Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary is a non-profit foundation and registered NGO opened in 2016 with the aim of giving elephants the best life possible in Thailand. This is one of the best elephant sanctuaries in Thailand. Kindred Spirit are dedicated to helping elephants and several opportunities to international volunteers. You will get to learn more about and help elephants and there is also the options to work on community initiatives in northern Thailand. 


24. Ververt Monkey Sanctuary

In 2004 The Vervet Monkey Foundation started accepting volunteers to help monkey conservation efforts in South Africa. By applying to be a volunteer at the Ververt Monkey Foundation you will be able to care and help monkeys to ensure that these animals where give the greatest chance to live as naturally as possible. The Vervet Monkey foundation promotes a animal friendly lifestyle realising fully the importance of our impact on the environment and how the choices we make can have a negative impact on those we trying to help.


25. Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers are the perfect company if you would like to help communities around the world. They offer rewarding life-changing intercultural volunteer projects in developing countries where you can make a real difference to people and communities. You can choose from hundreds of meaningful volunteer and intern programs overseas, all of which have very low fees.

Unlike other volunteer organizations they don’t add on hidden fees. 10% of program fees are used to cover international bank fees and the rest goes to the local charities and organizations hosting you. All the programs Love Volunteers offer have been fully audited for safety, social responsibility and impact and reviews from past volunteers are very positive.


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