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Building & Construction Volunteer Projects

If you are reading this and have access to the internet then you are in a very good position. Unfortunately in developing countries some communities especially those in remote regions lack basic facilities for example proper housing, medical institutions, schools and even toilets.

The harsh reality of life in some countries can be quite shocking, not having access to clean water and children not being able to get an education due to no schools. You might have seen images of extreme poverty in places like Africa but there is also a need in other countries which can be quite advanced. According the international respected organisation Habitat For Humanity over 1 billion people live in substandard housing and over 30% of people in urban areas live in slums. Governments in some countries do not have the funds to pay for new infrastructure and because of this there is a need for international volunteers to sign up to join building and construction projects.

In some countries general infrastructure is lacking the much needed money from investment and international participants are needed to help community volunteering programs. We have building volunteer programs in countries like Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Jamaica, Peru, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Indonesia, Maldives, Thailand and Philippines. 


Types of Opportunities

Applying to these programs is one of the best ways to get immersed into a community allowing you to do something a lot more rewarding than just visiting the country as a tourist. Usually you will work in a group with other international participants and also locally employed staff with the aim of planning, helping with the plans and constructing new buildings e.g. new houses, helping implement water and toilet facilities, building a school, community or medical centre. 

Activities can include building schools, helping with general maintenance, developing infrastructure plans and creating educational resources for lessons. Not all building and construction placements involve working with people, you could work to provide endangered animals building enclosures and rehabilitation centres. Please note most organisations require you to sign up for a minimum of 2 weeks but there are shorter and longer placements available.

These are the main type of programs available:


School Building Volunteer Projects

School Building Volunteering Programs Abroad

Some children do not have access to education due to not living near schools or the schools being overcrowded, this is especially true in poor communities in places like South Africa. You might be giving certain tasks like helping to improve facilities, help with repairs or even build new schools and classrooms. These placements are usually really fun and a good bonding experience where you will interact with local people and really see a visible difference you are making. Some placements can also be combined to include teaching and helping education working direct with children helping them improve their learning.


House Building Volunteer Projects

You could be working to improve already constructed housing or be part of a team to build new buildings. This might include working to fix roofs and walls, helping create better facilities. You will usually be given certain tasks and you will need to be adaptable and learn on the job to be able to help. Sometimes you might be painting or decorating or doing something different like installing mosquito nets to prevent the spread of malaria.


Infrastructure, Water & Sanitation Projects

On some programs you might be working to plan, implement and build new facilities to allow better sanitation or giving people access to fresh water. This could involve building wells and providing communities much needed access to fresh/clean water throughout the year which helps to stop illness and disease from waterborne viruses. Sometimes these placements are in very remote regions allowing you to see more of a country and visit people who might not have seen foreigners before. You might need to work hard when participating e.g. digging holes and creating structures.


Popular Destinations to Participate

There are literally hundreds of building projects available to join all year round, search options here:


Building Volunteering Programs in Africa

Building Volunteer Projects in Africa

You might want to work on community humanitarian building projects in Africa, there are projects throughout the continent. Duties will involve laying bricks, getting materials, painting and general labor work. If you are looking for a constructive and rewarding experience you really can make a difference to the lives of communities in the long term by laying foundations to help people going forward. Some the tasks can be physical but also includes more leisurely activities, such as lectures. Day-to-day volunteer activities can change all the time and are dictated by the requirements of the project. 

  • Projects available in: Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda


Building Volunteer Projects in Asia

  • Projects available to join in: Indonesia, Maldives, Thailand, Philippines


Building Volunteer Programs in Latin America

Building Volunteer Projects in Latin America

  • Projects available to join in: Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Jamaica, Peru


What to Expect

Some days you might be working hands on physically constructing buildings with local staff and other volunteers. These placements can be challenging and sometimes you might be working in basic / hot conditions so please research all projects to see if they are right for you. You will also get lots of free time usually nights and weekends allowing you to explore and see more of the destination you are based in.



To apply no previous experience is needed but you will need a good level of health and fitness. No previous experience is needed to participate so don't be put off if you have never done anything like this before. If you already work in a skilled field like construction, architecture, carpentry, plumbing then you will be able to put your skills to good test. Most organisations will require you to be aged 18+ but there are special taster trips for younger participants. Some projects are also open to families. Where you choose to participate is really totally up to you.


How to Apply

These types of programs are offered by international sending agencies, charities, NGO's and local organisations. Sometimes you will need to pay a fee to participate which usually includes placements, transfers, accommodation, meals, in-country support and a donation. Some times of the year like summer can be very popular so you will need to book a space in advance. 

Placements are very safe and projects are offered as part of a structured program where you will live and work with other people from around the world so it is a great cultural experience too. By signing up you will know you are contributing and build a brighter future for school children, people and communities. You can view our featured projects in the developing world on our website today or contact us for help.


Reviews & Testimonials

"This programme is so committed to helping the community it is quite amazing. The accommodation in Kenya is usually quite basic but they always do their utmost to find you the best they have, usually with hot water, but don't bet on it every time! The people of Kenya are so grateful for help and support and make you feel so welcome with songs and kindness. I helped on a building project for an orphaned family and we helped move them from a very dismal mud hut to a more secure brick hut that we had just built for them. We also made huts with the wood in another village. The schools always welcome any help and just communicating with the youngster’s gives them hope and confidence. As for One World 365  I am so thankful to them for helping me get to the project. They are a very trustworthy, honest company and will help you from the start to the finish with a professional and personal assistance." - Sara, UK