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You can find mountain biking holidays in spectacular destinations all around the world. People in all walks of life truly enjoy mountain biking and if this is you then one of our featured trips might appeal. These adventures are generally offered in groups of 3 to 8 riding persons, and sometimes up to 14 riders.

If you have a well-organized company, you will definitely get the ideal break you've dreamed of and there are different trips available for all fitness, experience and skill levels. If you are planning on going on a mountain biking holiday, book through our website and get a structured experience where everything is all set up. This includes the routes which are planned ahead of time as well as accommodation, local stop offs, food and drinks.

Our directory is easy to use and free to access giving you quick access to some of the best cycling tours and holidays in the world. There are departures all year round and the earlier you book the better, some trips only have limited numbers per trip and spaces fill up fast especially for summer holidays. 


Popular Destinations

There are trips available all around the world, popular cycling destinations include:

  • Europe: Spain. Croatia, France and Spain
  • Africa; Morocco, Tanzania
  • Latin America: Costa Rica, Panama, Peru
  • Asia: Tibet, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, India, Sri Lanka, Jordan
  • North America: Canada, USA

Spectacular settings like the Alps, Tuscany and the Pyrenees make Europe a popular cycle holiday destination. Spain in particular is among the ideal places to take a mountain biking holiday. The mountain ranges of Marina Alta in Spain are rarely visited and it is by far one of the best places to visit while riding a bike.

Regardless if you're just starting or seeking for more challenges while still young or in your prime years, you can easily find mountain biking holiday packages to meet your needs. Orientation in trailing a mountain has become accustomed today and is most likely considered as part of mountain biking holidays.


Duration & Who Can Join

You do not need to be an experienced pro to join a cycle holiday, there are trips for all levels and abilities. Also there are lots of stops meaning you really get to get immersed in the experience of being overseas. You have the option to join a guided cycling holiday or go solo, both have benefits depending on what type of experience you are looking for. We list some trips where you can explore whole continents, some trips last a few days and others over a month.


Starting Your Mountain Biking Adventure

Using your 2-wheeled vehicle can make it easier for you to zoom through the mountain trees that make it a memorable experience, and for this reason mountain biking is a widely popular sport. For those who want to realize the goodness it can give, be sure that you are well-prepared in taking the first few trails of your journey, come up with the needed skills to conveniently pursue the trails you're planning to go, as well as search for trails that matches your interest and skill levels.


Cycling Holiday Preparation

If bikes are not provided, buy a mountain bike that you think suits your taste and lifestyle. Your leg length, type of body, as well as height is given consideration in choosing your mountain bike. For any reason your bike is not the right fit for you, it is never efficient and convenient to use for riding. The best shop to buy your bike from can help you set up the specific biking requirements needed. Various establishments are offering future purchase discounts, fixing jobs or plans on services. Generally speaking, you can find three mountain bike styles available in accordance to the point of interest you have.

Due to absence of suspension on some types of mountain bikes, you can find fewer parts used mechanically on your unit, and you're able to ride it, as well as get to learn its parts effortlessly. Off-road bike riding is harder than you think especially if you’re using mountain bikes with more complex features. Bikes with hard tail style are perfect for many novice users who like starting on hard trails that comes with rigid back wheel and front wheel suspension fork. The extremely costly mountain bikes are bikes with full suspension found at the back and front side, which makes your biking adventure ideally convenient and efficient even on a rough road.

Consider not buying a mountain bike at first, but borrow a unit for some riding adventures to know if riding a mountain bike is your perfect choice. Bike merchandisers close to a few trailed state parks most of the time, rent ideally made bicycles; therefore, you may check the ones that best suit your needs. It is non-sense to spend a lot in buying a new bicycle if you cannot make the most of it. Wear a gear that perfectly fits your head. For those who wish to begin their off-road cycling adventure, they need to wear an ideal head-gear. Make sure that your gear fits your head properly, as well as it will neither block your hearing nor seeing senses.

In terms of safety improvement and vehicle backup system, various other mountain biking holidays include them in their packages. You can even get a low-cost or free of charge mountain biking promotion if you're really that lucky. Likewise, riders may have mountain navigation assistance as they go on with their trip. For the purpose of riding safely, it's best to bike ride along with other groups of people into biking and tell them about your mountain biking interest.

At the same time, never forget to wear safety gears to protect you from all sorts of injuries. You may also consider carrying an extra gear for safety purposes. Even if it's not really needed at the onset of your bike riding plan, you can find some safety gears easy on your budget. In honing and improving your biking skills, it will all depend on the needs you have and your style of riding. A few active bikers may not consider a ride complete without a water bottle, arm braces, shin guards and gloves.


Positive Effects of Cycling Holidays

Mountain biking is a complete combination of a cardio workout, as well as walking, and for this reason your body gets the opportunity to stay fit and healthy. Besides the perfect bicycle you've always wanted, a sound mind and a body in shape is the most essential gear you will ever have.


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