Why the Need for Assistance 

Environmental and Conservation Volunteering Programs

Due to an increasing human population there has been an adverse effect on nature. Due to things like over fishing the world oceans are in a terrible state which has a knock on negative effect on marine life. By over-fishing the sea and combined with the increasing human population marine life is really suffering. Fish numbers are really down whilst coral reefs are suffering but on our website you can find programs with marine life and conservation, you could work to help coral reefs in exotic destinations around the world. 

Sometimes it takes a new perspective to realize how blessed we are. Sometimes it takes nothing more than a desire to take the tired cliché and actually make the world a better place. Environmental concerns are more on the agenda than ever before and there are so many places in need of help and so many conservation organisations out there, you’ve got your pick. When choosing to volunteer you will be able to join international teams working to improve conservation around the world - you will play a small role in making a difference.


Types of Conservation Programs


How to Choose a Project

We have some fantastic conservation volunteering opportunities & holidays all around the world, whatever project you decide to join, this experience will be a once in a lifetime chance to make a difference and experience life overseas in a service capacity. 

A good starting point can be to decide on the type of species, habitat or activity you are interested in and then look for organisations with placements related to this. There are also so many destinations with meaningful projects available you will need to narrow this down to find your ideal placement.

It is also worth giving thought to choosing a placement which is right for your level of experience, skills and needs.



As a wildlife conservation volunteer you will usually help by monitoring habitats, improving biodiversity, helping wildlife and working in teams to gather research and information. You could find yourself working at nature reserves or in national / eco parks building sustainable infrastructure, repairing nature trails, managing habitats and assisting at visitor / education centres. On a rainforest project you will be active in reforestation, monitoring deforestation, cataloging animal and plant species, promoting sustainable development and organising educational guided tours.

Field based expeditions can demand a high level of self reliance where as a guided expedition or group placement organised by a specialist travel company will provide a complete package including pre-departure briefings/study and assistance whilst overseas. On marine projects at coastal communities tasks can include helping turtle nesting protection, fish / coral surveys, boat based whale and dolphin monitoring and introducing sustainable development initiatives such as recycling schemes and beach clean-ups.


Popular Projects

You can volunteer and travel abroad to help marine conservation programs, popular opportunities include:

  • Helping stop defforestation in Peru
  • Monitoring sea turtles in Costa Rica and Mexico
  • Working on whale shark projects in Mozambique
  • Restoring coral reefs in Australia 
  • Living in rural New Zealand protecting the environment


Rainforest Conservation Projects 

Rainforest Conservation Volunteer Projects

Travel and participate on rainforest conservation volunteer projects which you can find on our website. Popular destinations to volunteer in rainforests include Central and South America where you can help in rural areas of Costa Rica, Brazil and Peru. Work with local staff and internationally run volunteering programs helping to protect wildlife and natural environments. A lot of animals are facing extinction because of a loss of their natural habitat, you can volunteer to help. Some rainforest volunteer projects are in remote locations so please beware there might not be tv or internet access and living conditions with be comfortable but basic.

On rainforest conservation volunteer holidays you can make a big difference and help, there are projects all around the world and you can join throughout the year. In Brazil you can find rewarding conservation and environment volunteer projects which are perfect if you are planning a holiday, gap year or career break. Work might be tough sometimes in difficult hot climates but the contribution you make will really help. You will not need any previous work experience in the conservation field, but you will be educated on key aspects on the projects.

You could volunteer to save wildlife in Ecuador's rainforest, bats, monkeys and other animals are in danger as over 80% of Ecuador's rain forest has been destroyed in the last few decades. View volunteer holidays and trip to South America and make a difference in Ecuador, projects start from 2 weeks and you will be working with people all over the world in spectacular locations.



A background in conservation or any experience is not necessary to join a trip, you will just need a passion for helping make a difference. Everyone is welcome to apply, there is no eligibility criteria and most programs are open to all nationalities. Most projects will require you to be aged 16+ and be in good health.

No previous experience is needed to apply and pre-departure information and full training will be provided. To join programs you will need to have the strong desire to do good and want to make a difference. 


How to Apply 

Programs can be arranged through our website with sending agencies, academic initiatives or directly to local projects. It pays to look into which organisations provide the most in terms of accommodation, food and travel expenses – some companies charge participation fees, while others only ask for that you pay for your own transport.

You will likely have to arrange things like flights and insurance so make sure you plan in advance and check on any special offer placements which might be available, as it’s important to keep monetary resources in check when starting a volunteer project. If you’re ready to get researching but are in need of some inspiration, we have put togegether ideas and options for destinations worldwide below, where you can help to conserve environments as diverse as the most majestic cloud forests and the driest of deserts.

There are so many conservation placements it can seem a little confusing when choosing the right one, we help people ever year applh and if you need any specific advice please e-mail us and we will be happy to help with any conservation related enquiries. You can also view our volunteer abroad directory for a full list of trips.



Have you ever participated on a conservation project abroad? Would you like to review an organisation or project? Contact us today