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Top Rated Summer Volunteer Trips

You will work with local staff and other international volunteers and everyone is welcome to apply. If you are a student you can gain hands on work experience and boost to your CV / resume whilst helping worthwhile causes.

There are trip lengths for all schedules you can join 2 week summer volunteer work programs or help for a longer period. Popular volunteer projects abroad include helping elephants in Thailand, working in Africa or volunteering in South America.

We list a diverse range of summer volunteer projects in destinations all around the world, there are options for most age groups too. 

"My desire to travel more has been strengthened through this experience also, beginning with another volunteer trip in the summer. That is the great thing about volunteering; it shows you how much more is out there and how you can really make a difference. You can go anywhere in the world, at any time, on a variety of different projects." - Marc, UK



Most organisations only allow people aged 18+ to participate but there are special summer trips overseas for 15, 16 and 17 year old students - these are very safe and structured. 


How to Apply

Search featured summer volunteering programs above, you will need to enquire well in advance to secure a spot. 


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