About Us

One World 365 is one of the leading meaningful travel websites in the world. We promote thousands of trips, programs and courses in 100+ countries and we are always looking to keep our existing content fresh and accurate whilst looking to add new exciting articles on a daily basis.


Our Writers

We have a team of writers from all around the world and if you would like to get involved we would love to hear from you. Our current article writers edit and improve already published pages whilst we also publish new articles related to travel, destinations, backpacking, volunteering, working abroad, teaching, career breaks, gap years and activities like scuba diving, surfing and wildlife conservation. You can view articles on our destination, activity and our travel blog.


More Information

This is the perfect opportunity for students, graduates or anyone seeking to share experiences, build a portfolio and gain experience as a travel writer. If you are going travelling, seeking work experience or if you are planning a career in journalism or travel writing, this experience might appeal to you. Writing for One World 365 will look great on your CV where you will get to publish articles on a reputable global website and we can also provide you with a reference. 


Social Media

If you have an interest in social media we are also looking for people who are looking to gain work experience to help. Our popular travel social media pages have grown with over 500,000 people now either following us on Twitter or members of our Facebook groups.



No previous writing experience is needed and don't worry if you haven't visited many destinations, you could write about your home country, research a new article or we can suggest topics. We welcome applications from all nationalities!


Interested to Learn More?

Got any questions? Keen to receive more information? Want to get started? Contact us today for more information.