If you are looking for cheap flights abroad you should find this section useful. Finding good deals on flights can be stressful and to get the cheapest fares you will need to book in advance. Although, you can also get some good deals last minute, this can be unreliable and you risk not being able to get to the destination you want.

There are so many flight booking websites and we highly recommend Skyscanner who are one of the leading flight search / comparison websites in the world. Millions of people use Skyscanner every year for booking flights and it is easy to see why as you can compare over 1,000 airlines around the world. By using Skyscanner you are booking with confidence with an established brand.

Our favorite thing with Skyscanner is you can click 'Everywhere' in the destination box and it will give you ideas and prices for the cheapest destinations for the time you are going away. Visit the Skyscanner website by click the banner below.



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Top Tips How to Find Cheap Flights

Are you trying to get the best deals on flying abroad? Flights can be expensive, we know this first hand as our staff fly all around the world visiting new destinations every year. We have put together some useful advice and guidelines to follow to get the best deals on booking cheap flights, read on for more information...

For the cheapest flights, it is worth while looking around at price comparison websites. They put you in contact with the cheapest fares available across many sites which saves time. When booking flights, check that you have the correct destination. It may be that there are several cities with the same name in different countries.

Look into the amount of changes in the fare that you have chosen and what the cross over times are. You do not want to end up waiting around the airport for hours. If your dates are flexible, then you can usually do a search that shows the cheapest prices across several days. This is a useful tool in figuring out the cheapest way to travel. Midweek prices are generally cheaper then weekends. It is always better to travel out of season if possible, as prices increase rapidly around the holiday season especially in July and August.

Some flight booking websites do discounted rates for students whilst on others you can get money back through a cashback website. You have to prove that you are a student at University, which can take some time, so it is worth registering before you wish to book flights but through some companies you can get some great deals. Keep an eye on the distance from the airport to your accommodation.

You do not want to incur unnecessary travel expenses. Before your arrival at the destination airport it might be worth researching transfers between the airport and your accommodation. Some hotels and hostels will arrange airport pick up free of charge. If not, look into public transport options before getting a cab because they are often cheaper and can be equally as efficient. Furthermore, some airports (for example Gatwick and Heathrow) have trains that go directly from the airport into the city centre.

When booking your flights, check whether luggage is included in the price. Some airlines, such as ryanair, charge for luggage separately. The weight of luggage allowed also varies upon airline so it is worth researching beforehand. This also applies to hand luggage, in some cases the amount of hand luggage you can take is quite significant, so it is worth making the most of this. Airlines have become increasingly strict on what items you can take on your hand luggage. It is recommended that you consult with your airline beforehand if you are carrying anything that might not think will be permitted on the plane. If in doubt, keep it in your main luggage. You will be able to buy general items such as food and drink in duty free.

Also try to get to the airport with plenty of time as it can take a long time to go through customs. There can be long queues especially at peak times and sometimes the gates can be a long walking distance away. Keep an eye on flight information when at the airport so you know when you are boarding. Flying is a safe, fast and cheap way of travelling across the world. As long as your prepared, the whole experience should be hassle free.


Gap Year Flights

Apart from accommodation costs, one of the major expenses when travelling is the cost of flights. If you want to save money on worldwide flights, there are a variety of things you can do to avoid breaking the bank. Carry out research before booking your flights and book early - this can potentially save you a lot of money. There tends to be cheaper flights online and thorough research can end up saving you hundreds of pounds. Don’t just book the first convenient flight you find.

There are so many options from return tickets to round the world stop offs, a popular gap year route includes London > Bangkok > Sydney > LA > London. All prices differ so please research options before booking. Consider smaller airports - if you are willing to fly into smaller airports which are typically further away from city centres, then your flight costs could be significantly reduced. These airports normally offer transport from the airports to the nearest city centres, where the only issue is the transfer time.

Try to avoid major school holidays and bank holidays - flights dramatically increase during school holidays, so try and avoid these dates completely if possible. Fly mid-week - if you are flexible on the days of the week you can travel, then avoiding the peak rush hour flight times like early Monday morning can save you a lot of money. If you can fly off-peak hours and days you can sometimes half the flight costs.


Round The World Trips

Gap years are increasingly popular, but deciding on one destination can be infuriating. So why limit yourself to one continent when you can experience many? Round the world trips allow you to purchase a series of flights at a discounted rate.

It can be a great way to travel as it enables you to see a great variety of different sights and experience everything that the world has to offer. Only with a round the world trip can you go from the snow capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the hot Egyptian deserts. The world is an amazing place and there is so much to see and do. Nothing can compare to an around the world experience and you will obtain memories that will stay with you for a life time. 

Whether you want to take a gap year or just have a truly unique summer, round the world trips make memories that will last forever. You are able to tailor your holiday to your interests and passions. You are not limited to one continent, so with a round the world trip you can visit places like South-East Asia, Australia and America all in one trip. By booking your trip in advanced, you can forget any travelling stress.

A round the world trip are flexible enough to make your gap year unique but secure enough that you will not have any last minute worries about transportation and flights. Make the most of your travels by taken a trip that will be unlike anything that you have ever done before. There is so much variety in the world and with an around the world trip you can experience it all.