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A Guide to Taking a Career Break

If you’re a successful professional and decide to take a year off—a career break—it’s wise to spend that time doing something that will expand your skills so that you have something new to offer when returning to the workforce. You might be at a fork in your career, looking to leave your current position and take a break before moving forward professionally. Travelling can be a wonderful remedy to the nagging question of ‘what next?’ Taking a work project abroad can focus your mind on your passions and abilities, rather than on the daily grind of paying the bills. You can then look back and say ‘That was time well-spent.’ We have helped thousands of people plan career breaks and on our website you can search hundreds of inspiring ideas.


Why take a Career Break

You’re considering a year off. Perhaps you’re between jobs, between education institutions, or you need a break. Whatever your current position, a year away from your current track can be very beneficial if you have an idea of what you want to do and why. If you are stuck in rut or have always wanted to do something different then career break might just be the thing you are looking for. Perhaps you are feel the time is right to take a break from working and challenge yourself to do something worthwhile... take a career break abroad! Whatever your age, present employment or ambition, a career break offers you the chance to do something different which may change your life. 

Sometimes we just need a break and going travelling for a year is a great way to rejuvenate before moving on to the next challenge life will throw at you. Going abroad to work on a project that serves others can be just what some people need, but it doesn’t have to be. Travelling alone, just you and your rucksack, can help cultivate skills that will be valuable to your economic prospects later in life. It’s all about experience and what you do with it. Have a break from normal working life and see new places and experience meeting new peoples, seeing new cultures and challenge yourself to do something amazing.



Anyone considering taking a career break should have the desire to do something different, there isn't any eligibility criteria and this is like an older version of a classic gap year. If you are able to have a break from employment and have nothing keeping you in your home country for a period then you could travel abroad on a career break. Most programs are open to all age groups and nationalities, you do not need to be retired to take one, we are finding an increasing amount of young people, couples and families are taking time out to take a career break. How long you depart for really depends on you, if you would like to go away for a short break possibly a few weeks there are lots of programs whilst you can also go abroad for a period over a year. There are short and long career break opportunities where you can do something rewarding and inspirational in a time frame to suit your schedule. 


Start Planning a Career Break

If you are planning a career break and researching opportunities we can help! We have put together some useful information about career break planning and advice which includes what to take, how to plan and how to stay safe whilst abroad. There are so many career break travel options in destinations all around the world and One World 365 can help you have the best time away.

If you are in employment its always best to discuss your situation with your employer, let them know that you are thinking about taking time out. They might encourage you to spend some time away to refresh. The company you work for may also offer paid sabbaticals or have recommendations for you. After taking a career break if you are looking for employment always try to emphasise how the break away had a positive effect on you and you are feeling better / motivated to get back into the working cycle. Don't just say it was like a holiday and you are hating being home, this really won't benefit anyone.

If you are taking a long career break abroad make sure you sort out your bills, finances and set up online banking. It might be an idea to arrange standing orders on some things like utilities and payments. Research all your options and destinations and try not to rush the trip. There are literally hundreds of programs and career break travel opportunities all around the world and its best you find the right thing for you. Also work out how much money you migh need and always have a back up at home.

It's good to pack money, a credit card, travellers cheques and some US dollars which are accepted in most places. Before departing visit your local doctors for advice with the travel nurse about any vaccinations and medication you might need. Some countries require you to have certain injections before entering. Check to see if you need to apply for a visa before arriving, some countries like Australia require you to fill out an online form prior to arriving or you might need to visit an embassy. Its always handy to buy / have a local phrase and guide book, you never know when this will come in handy and a travel adapter.

A lot of people travel abroad without travel insurance but its important you buy some. If you don'y ane encounter problems when abroad the bills can run into thousands. You can view deals for packages and make sure of the polices you are covered for, some travel insurance policies don't include things like adventure sports. Leave some photocopies of your passport, insurance and visa information at home and take a copy with you. Try not to flash valuables abroad, this will attract attention you might not want and take a padlock to lock up your belongings. Try to keep people back home informed of your itinerary and route just in case something happens.


What to Do

There really are no limitations on what you can do on a career break, you can arrange your own career break or apply with a specialist travel company who will be able to arrange an amazing experience. There is the option to stay in your native country but we highly recommend going to travel and see a new country or region of the world. You could work abroad or just spend time overseas relaxing and recharging your batteries. One of the most popular options is to join rewarding volunteering programs and if you have specialized skills and experience you could make a real difference on long-term overseas placements helping communities and countries.

No previous is needed for most programs and on our website you can search lots of organisations and inspirational programs. There are also lots of opportunities to spend time living and working abroad. Popular countries to work in include the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Some countries offer working holiday programs and certain eligibility criteria applies. Teaching abroad is a great way to earn money or just make a difference doing something new whilst overland tours are available for all interests.


Popular Career Break Ideas 


Help & Advice

Please research all opportunities before signing up to a program or e-mail us for advice. You can also chat to others or interact with us on our popular Twitter and Facebook pages.