Where to Go

You can find placements throughout the world helping in schools, community/educational centres, refugee centres and outreach initiatives. Where you go really comes down to your personal preference, the company you apply with and time of year you apply.


Types of Roles

Teachers are needed for a variety of roles including languages, maths, science, sports, support roles and more. Usually you will work during the week and have evenings and weekends free to explore your destination. Placements can be a challenge and a lot of fun where you will help others to develop skills.


Volunteer Teaching Abroad For Qualified Teachers

Are you currently working as a teacher? Keen to give back and make a difference in your spare time? Apply to volunteer and help educational efforts in the developing world. Okay, you might be thinking, why would I want to spend my free time teaching? Well, it is really fun and enjoyable. You will get to live in a different part of the world, do something rewarding, make new friends and travel!


Summer Volunteer Teaching Opportunities

Keen to volunteer abroad this summer? Spend your holidays doing something rewarding rather than just sitting on a beach and teaching is a great experience. 


Volunteer Teaching Abroad Free

There are lots of opportunities where you will not need to pay a fee to participate. Some organisations recruiting volunteer teachers will even pay for your airfare and accommodation.



Usually you will need to be aged 18+, have a clean criminal record, be open minded and open to new cultures and experiences.If you are not working in the teaching profession, or even if you are, you might want to consider taking a TEFL certification course which will help you prepare for the experience of teaching abroad. There are classroom and online TEFL courses available to book which provide you with information and a worldwide recognised qualification helping you to become a great teacher.


How to Apply

Search our featured placements and apply today. If you need any help arranging a placement contact us.