Top Reasons to Become a Sports Coach Overseas

If you would like to merge a passion for sports with a career then our featured positions will appeal to you. Benefits include: 

  • By working abroad you will be able to share your knowledge, skills and passion for sport
  • Volunteering abroad on one of our sports programs offers a unique opportunity to experience life in a new country
  • Learn about a new culture and country
  • Make new friends from all over the world, various Nationalities apply
  • There are short and long term placements available 
  • You have a lot of choice when it comes to destinations, from coaching football to sports mad children in Brazil, helping in a developing country like Ethiopia to working on group projects with school children in a dream destination like the Maldives
  • You can join all year round perfect if you are looking for a summer job abroad or longer period


Apply to Coach Sports Overseas

Popular destinations apply include the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Fiji, India, Israel, Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Zambia. You don't need to be as good a sportsman as Christiano Ronaldo, these placements have a focus on fun and learning to provide children with an enjoyable experience. We have paid sports coaching positions, placements where you can gain practical hands on work experience and also voluntary positions. 

Sports programs play an important role in helping children develop, international charities and organisations have been arranging these types of opportunities for decades working in some of the poorest areas of the world. Through sport, messages about education and healtcare can also be given making these projects an effective tool to raise awareness. You will be able to play a small role in providing a happy experience with an important message of helping children and communities improve.

Projects can be really life changing, you will learn about other people and cultures and get inspired when talking to locals and international coordinators. By applying you will be an extra pair of hands on the ground, and any donation or fee you pay usually goes back into programs and communities in need of help. So whether you are a student, graduate, thinking about taking a gap year or someone looking for a rewarding experience, you can find a role for you. View our guide to working as a volunteer sports coach overseas and apply today.


Types of Sports Instructor Positions Available

These are the main focus of placements:

  • Football (soccer)
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Dance
  • Surfing
  • Gymnastics
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Polo


Popular Places to Work as a Sports Instructor

There are placements all around the world, where you go really depends on what country appeals to you, or which organisation you apply with. We have sports progams in the developing world in places like Africa, but then we also have some fantastic placements in countries like Australia and New Zealand where you might even learn a few new skills too. There are also combination projects available where you might teach and then also coach sports, usually you will be involved with far more than just leading sports lessons. You will usually work around 5-8 hours per day - not just coaching sports all day - but helping in different ways to ensure the smooth running of operations.


Sports Coaching in Africa

Use the power of sport to help people and children whilst also improving the health and well being in places like townships. On some placements you might be working in schools or outreach projects helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds, keeping them off the streets, giving them the chance to play and develop through sports that they (and you) are most passionate about. Projects include instructing football, cricket, rugby, hockey, netball, tennis, basketball, surfing, swimming and more.

You will have the opportunity to give motivational talks and participate in a variety of other educational activities that incorporate both fun playing and the promotion of health and social awareness. Projects are larger than sport, it is about developing responsible youth, reducing at-risk and delinquency behaviours, keeping children off the streets in a fun but serious and consistent way, as well as bridging social divides, creating platforms of opportunity and enhancing awareness and knowledge on a wide range of key social and health issues.

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Coach Sports in South Africa

In South Africa you could help informal township and street leagues organising and running sports clinics, training matches and planning tournaments While the focus is on sport, the priority is on developing personal life skills by equipping children with the necessary tools to face daily challenges, feel empowered and advocate responsible citizenship. By introducing the basics of team play, movement, position holding, general health and fitness - usually in fun, group sessions - players will develop rapidly.

The rewards are great because the raw talent is often there, but the experience of a team structure is not. Children are willing and eager, and as your sensitive approach boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem, you will be able to develop quality relationships which will benefit both you and the children. There are popular programs where you can play and coach your favourite sport in places like Port Elizabeth on the South coast.

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Become a Sports Coach in Ghana

Play and coach your favourite sport in Accra, the capital city of Ghana - sports placements include, football, rugby, tennis, netball, basketball and more. Sport coaching in Ghana is a fantastic way to improve your own skills whilst helping youngsters enjoy their favourite sport, and help the local community as a whole. You will get the opportunity to take some time off to do your own travelling and visit some of the amazing Ghanaian sights.

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Coach Sports in Asia

Coaching football in a countries like Cambodia, Thailand, India and Vietnam is an amazing experience where you can help local youngsters improve their skills. During the week you will work with experiences coaches and be teaching soccer to around 100 children aged 6-16 sometimes in spectacular locations. Volunteer football coaching sessions encourage children to participate in sport and it also get them to exercise. These positions are a lot of fun for both you and the children, you will be able to help create activities, game, improve skills, control, technique and general all round game. If you have any previous experience or new ideas for coaching football then think about applying. Football is increasingly popular in Thailand, the English Premier league is really dominant and you will find a lot of children and locals might know more about football than you.

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Coaching Sports in Australia

If you apply for education and sports coaching you can spend a fun experience coach sports like football, rugby and cricket and working on education and teaching programs in Australia. This destination is sports crazy and these placements are a lot of fun, please note you do not need to be a professional level player to apply. There are also voluntary placements for teachers.

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Coach Sports in New Zealand

Sport is a huge part of New Zealand society, the world famous All Blacks rugby team dominate the globe and are current World Cup Champions. There are lots of projects available where you can work with children coaching different sports like athletics, rugby, cricket, football, tennis, baseball and netball. You will work at local coaching centres and schools and don't worry you don't need to be an experienced pro to apply but you will need bundles of energy. These placements are a lot of fun, and also a challenge as some of children might be really good already. On some days you will coach for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening and then have nights and weekends off. There are usually internationals from all around the world participating.

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Coach Sports in America

Apply for paid sports coaching jobs in the USA through our website. We have companies who offer jobs where you can get paid to instruct sports like football, tennis, baseball, archery, lacross and various watersports.

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Cricket, Polo & Sports Coaching Programs in Argentina

Join cricket coaching roles where you will be able to help locals improve their sporting abilities. You will work with locally employed staff and other international volunteers providing cricket lessons to youngsters. You might be coaching sports at cricket in clubs, communities and schools in places - the children are very eager to learn and these placements are a lot of fun! This is a great way to gain work experience for a possible future career and also improve your cricket coaching ability and language skills.

You also don't need to be a fully training professional to take part, no matter what your skill level you will be able to help in someway. If you are not very good at cricket there are general roles where you will be given training for. Another option is to coach football, this is one of the local passions as Argentina has some of the best players in the world like Lionel Messi and in the past Maradona. Most coaching projects involve training and running different activities so you might also get to play tennis and other sports.

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How to Apply

You can apply to one of our featured sports coaching projects, or search our organisations to contact local NGO's and charities around the world. There are some free and fully funded sports coaching volunteer programs, and some companies also offer paid coaching opportunities. But most companies offer safe and structured placements where you will need to pay a sign up fee, this usually includes a donation to worthwhile causes and forms part of your placement, meals, accommodation, training and in-country support.