Best Travel Insurance Companies

We highly recommend World Nomads who offer flexible travel insurance for a range of trips.

You can buy, extend & claim online from anywhere in the world. World Nomads offers travel insurance to over 50 countries and are an award winning company due to their product range, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.

They offer great cover for all trips including single journeys, annual cover, family cover, backpacker / gap years and more. World Nomads are highly recommended within the travel indusry and are trusted by brands like the Lonely Planet. 

To get a quote visit the World Nomads website today:


Why You Should Get Covered Before You Go Away

Travel insurance is the most important thing you can buy when going abroad. It is something essential that you have something can help you if you get injured, sick or have any accidents, family emergencies, lost luggage, theft and cancelleations. We often get asked what is the best cheap travel insurance - this really depends on what type of trip you are doing. Below you can view policies from reliable companies.

Anything can happen when you are on your travels and it is good to have peace of mind. You don't want to make the expensive mistake to be overseas and have an incident, for example falling ill then running up a huge medical bill. If you have travel insurance this should cover you for doctor visits, medicine and hospital visits.

You not legally need to buy travel insurance, but not purchasing is a risk. Travelling without travel insurance is not a good idea, lots of people have had accidents or fallen ill whilst on holiday and end up with bill running into the tens of thousands. Don't be that person. Also if you are from the United States, most health insurance plans will not cover you when you travel. 


Things to Consider Before Purchasing

There following questions will help you decide what option to buy:

  • How long will you be away?
  • Where are you going?
  • What will you be doing?
  • Do you want to cover the basics or pay extra for full coverage


Single Trip or Annual Cover?

There are two different types of travel insurance you can buy and it really depends on what type of trip you are doing as to which one you buy:

Single Trip Insurance: This will cover you for just one trip to a single destinaition for a specific period of time (ideal for holidays)

Annual Insurance: Annual travel insurance which can also known as a multi trip policy will cover you for multiple trips and destinations within a certain period, usually 12 months. This is ideal if you taking a gap year or going backpacking around the world.


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