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Learn to Scuba Dive

If you would like to gain a diving qualification or get certified our dive packages worldwide will appeal to you. You can choose from flexible courses and dive trips perfect for any holiday and ability level. 

There are so many destinations and on our website you can find dive centres and featured scuba diving lessons throughout the world. We promote a lot of scuba diving resorts who offer a wide range of beginner scuba diving courses and you are sure to find a certification course which is right for you. If you have never dived before this can be really fun and exciting experience.

You will get to dive and see spectacular marine life and you will be amazed by the amount of exotic fish you will see. If you are lucky you might get to see dolphins swimming next to the boat. You can join adventure trips to see whale sharks or even join marine conservation volunteering programs. There will also be lots of time to relax of white sandy beaches or go swimming / snorkelling with fish and maybe even dolphins. 

You will not forget a holiday scuba diving quickly, it will be really hard to leave the amazing beaches and laid back lifestyle but at least you will have experienced somewhere totally new and have photos to make everyone jealous. Expect clear crystal waters and lots of fish, the rare shark and whale might also be closer than you expect!

Learning to scuba dive is an amazing opportunity and you will love this experience, there are so many different destinations and padckages available too. You are almost guaranteed a spectacular time meeting new people from all over the world.

If you would like to view more information about possible courses and scuba diving trips then please contact us today.


History of Scuba Diving

Scuba diving became a sport in 1943, when Jacques Costeau and Emile Gagnan invented the aqualung. This portable tank (cilinder) which carries pressured oxigen inside, together with a device called scuba that allowed one to breath underwater, made possible what many people thought it couldn't be. Today the equipment are a lot more modern and even if you have never been diving before you can start by booking a beginners course through our website.



Not sure where to start your diving adventure, these PADI beginner courses are aimed at all levels, ages and needs of different diver enthusiasts. Each course introduces you to a new exciting hobby; learn about underwater life, basic diving skills and what you can do next. Below is a general guide to the all of the courses available but please not prices and specifics might differ from centre to centre.

Bubblemaker Dive Courses for Children
Introduce your children to the new and exciting underwater world. Under controlled direct supervision with one of our experienced PADI instructors, your child can find Nemo and other exciting underwater creatures whilst in full scuba, in a safe and shallow dive site a short boat ride from Exotic Resort. Upon completion a PADI Bubblemaker certificate is awarded to the new budding diver. A parent or guardian must be present during the course. Available to children 8 years and over; course duration is usually around 2 hours.

Discover Scuba Diving - 1 Day Course
Have you ever thought of diving but either don’t have the time, the money or think it is too much hard work? Well think again. In just half a day you can experience the delights of the underwater environment, through a professional PADI instructor led Discover Scuba Diving program.

After a straightforward knowledge development session covering equipment, safety and diving skills you are ready to discover the attractions of underwater in one of our secluded dive sites, just a short boat journey. A shallow in water skill session is followed by a gently dive on one our soft coral reefs reaching a maximum depth of 12mts.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate of recognition, which can be used as credit towards your full Open Water Certification. Available to persons 10 years and over; course duration is 3-4 hours.

Scuba Diver Courses
Only have 2 days to spare, you still have time to take the Scuba Diver course, which will give you a life long diving certificate. This certificate enables you to dive up to a maximum of 12mts/40ft under the direct supervision of a PADI professional.

This 2-day instructor led course entails 3 classroom sessions, 3 shallow water skill sessions and 2 open water dives. Your certificate can also be used as credit towards your full Open Water Certificate. Available to persons 10 years and over; course duration is 2-3 days.

PADI Courses
Find PADI courses around the world, popular destinations include Thailand, Philippines, Honduras and Australia. You can learn to dive with an open water course, PADI advanced open water diver course or PADI certification course. At a diving school you can take a wide range of scuba dive courses.

After taking PADI instructor training you could become a qualified PADI dive instructor and then search for scuba diving jobs abroad. There are lots of PADI jobs abroad and when you have experience, you could lead scuba diving lessons and instruct other people to learn how to be a PADI scuba diver.

Open Water Courses
The most popular beginners scuba diving course in the world is the PADI Open Water Course. This course gives you the foundational knowledge and skills you need to be able to dive with a buddy independent of supervision.

The course consists of five classroom sessions, where you learn about the theory of diving through watching PADI videos and discussing questions based on the PADI open water book. There are five confined water sessions, where you learn how to successfully complete some basic diving skills and learn how to breathe underwater.

There are four open water dives, the first two take you to a depth of 12mts/40feet and the final two take you to a depth of 18mts/60feet. The course includes the PADI open water manual, PADI log book, recreational dive planner, certification and use of all required diving equipment.

Upon completion you will receive a life long PADI certification card, which is recognized worldwide and allows you to enroll in the next PADI course – the Advanced Open Water. Available to persons 11 years and over; course duration is 3-4 days.

PADI E-Learning Open Water Course
For those of you who would rather spend your holiday time on the beach or only have a few days to spare but want to get PADI certified the e-learning option is perfect for you. The PADI open water course online provides the knowledge development portion of the open water course through a number of interactive presentations that include videos, audio, graphics and reading. Short quizzes throughout help you gauge your progress and review and correct anything you might happen to miss.

This method allows you to move through the program efficiently and at your own pace. When you visit a dive centre a PADI instructors will review the e-learning paper work with you and have you take a quick review before completing the in water sessions. In order to enroll in your PADI e-learning open water course click the e-learning link on our website and follow the steps. A fee will need to be paid directly to PADI, this gives you unlimited access to an electronic version of the PADI open water manual.

Dive resorts will charge you an additional amount for the completion of the in water sessions, use of required diving equipment, your personal recreational dive planner or use of dive computer, PADI log book and your PADI open water certification.

National Geographic Open Water
The national geographic society and PADI have joined forces to create a new more dynamic Open Water Course. These two companies have merged their distinctive knowledge of the underwater realm in order to create divers with excellent skills and understanding of underwater ecosystems.

The National Geographic open water course incorporates the full PADI open water course yet adds to it a national geographic knowledge review and two additional open water dives during which you will learn how to navigate using both a compass and natural navigation techniques; create a visual reference of a dive site; practice more complex buoyancy skills to further enhance your confidence and learn to identify different vertebrates and invertebrates.

The course includes the PADI open water manual, PADI log book, recreational dive planner, certification, national geographic almanac and DVD, leather binder and use of all required diving equipment. 

By taking the National Geographic Open Water Course, not only will you be certified through PADI the largest dive organization in the world but you will have learnt invaluable skills harnessed by the professional scientist and underwater explorers who work for the National Geographic Society. Available to persons 10 years and older; course duration is 4-5 days.

Combo Courses
We also have trips available on our website where you can learn to scuba dive and help consrvation efforts.


Dive Resort Reviews

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"Scuba diving is a thrill because you're underwater and it's not like you can say 'ok im out of here', you're dependant on a bottle attached to your back which you can't even see, and a lot is based on trust to your buddy that you're diving with. But things you see and the way you feel and the way you start to understand your body, lungs and how boyancy's just amazing and the experience of learning overseas where you can experience a different culture makes it even better!" - Brian Roberts


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