Best Events & Festivals in the World


  • Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan
  • Diwali & Holi Festivals, India
  • Kandy Festival, Sri Lanka
  • Full Moon Festival, Hoi Ann, Vietnam
  • Sun Festival, Abu Simbel, Egypt
  • Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand
  • Venice Carnival, Italy


Why Book a Festival Tour With a Travel Operator

On our directory you can search festival trips and events from top rated local and international travel companies. But what are the benefits of booking with a tour company rather than travelling independently?

Most travel companies offer structured packages and tours which usually include accommodation, guides, transport, meals and entry tickets. You will get to meet and travel with other likeminded people and have a lot of fun! This is perfect if you are looking for a stress free experience and want to make new friends from around the world.


Top Rated Companies & Discounts

Stoke Travel

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You can enjoy some of the best and craziest festivals and destinations in Europe with an authentic feel, a flexible schedule and options to suit your budget. Choose from low cost, high fun trips including La Tomatina, Oktoberfest, surf camps, music festivals, city breaks and more!

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