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There are au-pair and nanny jobs all around the world, general these are the most popular destinations:

North America





A Guide to Au-Pairing Overseas

Au pair positions are popular with people who are looking for an exciting new way to live overseas. This role is very rewarding but it can also be a challenging experience.

There are opportunities to work abroad all around the world and each destination and positions will be different. As an au-pair you will typically work up to 25 hours per week over 5 days and be treated as family member. Some jobs will include holidays where you will often get to travel with a family on an overseas vacation. 

You will get formal training and for most jobs you do not need to be qualified or highly experienced to apply. Most jobs are live in meaning you will live with a local family and take full time charge of children. An au pair position can vary from family to family, but generally you might be expected to work hard and possibly long hours.

It really depends on the age of the children you will be looking after, you might need to cook, clean, take them to school or local activities, play with them, help with homework and generally help out at home. 


Top Rated International Au Pair Agencies

We work with some of the best au pair companies which hire thousnads of staff every year. Agencies usually make the whole process of working as an au pair easier, they generally provide:

  • Host family screened by local representatives
  • Information about international visas, labor laws, and residential permits
  • Pre-departure and ongoing local support once in your destination
  • 24 hours hotline in case of emergency
  • Social events
  • Contact details of other au pairs in your area


What is the Difference Between a Nanny and Au Pair

In some countries the term au pair is defined slightly different to a nanny (or nannie). A nanny is generally someone who has professional childcare experience and qualifications whilst an au pair usually isn't qualified and usually doesn't have any previous experience.



These positions are suitable for people who are mature, trustworthy and reliable. Both males and females can apply and you will need to be aged 17+. To apply you will usually need to be a non-smoker, have good personal hygiene and it helps if you are an early riser, patient and have a good sense of humour. Some au pair jobs do not require any previous experience but it will help if you do. Work permits for overseas positions are quite easy to obtain depending in your nationality and there are lots of agencies who can help. 


Application Process

Before applying it is important that you understand there is a lot of competition for each au pair position and so getting a job can take a bit of time. You will need to put together a strong application.

Here’s how the au-pair application process works:

  • Fill in an information request form
  • Complete an application
  • Participate in an interview at the local partner office in your country
  • Learn if you’re accepted. If so, we begin the matching process
  • Participate in phone interviews with host families
  • Agree to be the au pair for a host family
  • Obtain your visa and make travel arrangements
  • Experienced staff will be able to help you during your entire participation on the program


General Application Questions

A lot of au-pair agencies have an online application, these are the sample questions you will be asked to answer:

  • Name
  • Address
  • I Have A Passport From 
  • I Have A Visa For 
  • Phone Number 
  • Personal Home Page URL 
  • Nationality 
  • Language - You Speak This Language Fluently
  • Language - You Have Basic Knowledge Of
  • Your Gender
  • Are You A Smoker 
  • Do You Have A Driving License 
  • Years Of Education Completed 
  • Years Of Childcare Experience 
  • My Height Is 
  • My Weight Is 
  • My Health Is 
  • Are You Married 
  • Date Of Birth


How to Apply

On our directory you can search recruiters and offering summer and year round short and long term au pair and nanny jobs worldwide. If you need any help or advice contact our team. You might also be interested in viewing similar positions with children by applying for summer camp jobs.


Au Pair Company Reviews & Testimonials

If you have been to work as an au pair and would like to share your experience or review an agency get in touch.

“I decided to be an Au Pair as I felt that the job would be a very rewarding learning experience; the different culture and being away from home and family for a year, potentially two, is such a worthy way to spend time in your life.” - Emily, from Cardiff, au pair with Cultural Care in Minnesota

"I was interested in becoming an au pair because it gave me the chance to gain a years’ worth of great childcare experience but also the chance to properly live in America for a while. I have definitely been able to experience American culture especially living so close to New York City." - Liam, from Leamington Spa, au pair with Cultural Care in Connecticut 

"After a challenging couple of years completing A-levels it wasn’t until results day, August 2013, that I realised everything was planned out ahead of me and now more than ever I was in control of my own future. With this new state of mind I deferred entry to my university of choice and began working full time at my previously part-time weekend job. It is safe to say full time work in a restaurant in a little town in South East England was not the ‘go big or go home’ gap year I’d dreamt about. On the 1st of January I quit my job in England and started looking for work abroad. Three days later I flew out to East Germany; this was the start of my life as an au pair."  - Izzy, UK