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Best Jobs to Do on a Gap Year

There are so many different types of short and long term positions available including:


Instructor Courses

By taking one of the follow courses you will get a recognised qualificational allowing you to seek employment overseas:


Top Reasons to Work Abroad on Your Gap Year 

Thousands of people apply to work abroad every year, here are some of the benefits of doing this on your gap year:

  • Working abroad on a gap year is a great way to generate more money which can help you to travel 
  • Experience new cultures both countries, destinations and working environments
  • Boost your CV - this will look fantastic to future employers
  • Live abroad - escape your world and possibly discover a new home
  • Make new friends from all over the world
  • Never return home?

We recommend applying well in advance of your departure date just so you get everything arranged. You can find gap year jobs all around the world for English speakers. 


How to Decide Where to Go / What to Do

If you are currently planning a gap year and would like to secure paid employment to fund your travels our website has lots of opportunities. Where you go and what you do really comes down to personal preference and your experience. There are so many different positions available where you can work flexible part time or full time in a number of worldwide destinations. 


Popular Countries to Work on Your Gap Year 

You can literally find work anywhere in the world but we find these are the most popular destinations:



Most paid positions will require you to be aged 17+. For some working holiday visa destinations you will need to be aged between 18-30, have a return plane ticket and enough funds for your stay. Most nationalities are eligible to apply but you will need to check on the position and destination.


Testimonials & Reviews

Have you ever been to work abroad as part of a gap year? Would you like to share your experience, advice or tips? Get in touch with us.

"I went to work at a summer camp on my gap year it was amazing. I made some amazing friends and although the money wasn't great" - Jay, UK

"I have done the traditional Aussie thing of going to work in London for a year. I'm enjoying it so far apart from the weather and cost of everything" - Liz, Australia

to"I didn't have much funds for my gap year so getting a job was my only real objective. I started working at home but was really bored so I applied for an Australian working holiday visa. I'm really not planning on returning" - Matt, UK

"On my gap year I went to work in Canada which was the best time of my life. I worked at a ski resort which was so much fun. Canada is spectacular I would highly recommend this experience." - Chris, UK

"I brought a round the world ticket and as part of my gap year I went to work in the USA" - Paul, UK


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