Join a Community Development Program Overseas

You can find community volunteer work in a lot of developing countries around the world - view more information and arrange a life changing experience today. Some volunteer programs can last a week whilst others you can stay for months. Most organisations try to get you to stay for at least 4 weeks so you can be fully trained and get to know the staff and what the program entails. Community development programs will have a big effect on you personally as well, you will learn a lot and hopefully take away skills and positive memories. 

You could help education initiatives which are rewarding working with disadvantaged people who are living in poverty. To apply you won't need any previous skills or past knowledge, on arrival full training and preparation will be provided. Spending time helping community foundations are a rewarding way to spend a meaningful experience, a lot of people teach in Africa, build schools in South America, help communities in Asia or help at schools educating the local population.

Participating on long term community projects can be challenging and so make sure you research all placements before applying.


Popular Types of Community Volunteering Programs


Help People

There are lots of volunteer programs where you can help people, popular ways to help including working with disabled and disadvantaged people in places like Africa and Asia. There are lots of community projects in the UK and other Western countries too. Volunteering programs with children and orphanage volunteer programs are popular.


Help Education

Why not help improve living and education standards by teaching English abroad.


What to Expect

On these types of volunteer placements you will need to be creative, fun to be around, patient and willing to get involved and try new things. If you are joining a group / team volunteering program it is very important you are not miserable or moaning, this can have a negative effect on the project / team. Sometimes community volunteer programs can be quite shocking when you see the living conditions some people live in, but you might be able to help these people on building and construction projects for example. 

Work conditions can be tough, long hours, basic food which is different to Western standards. It is also recommend you learn basic phrases from the country you are volunteering in, this will help you to communicate with local people and make the experience more enjoyable. There are lots of community cultural exchange programs and volunteer opportunities where you might actually live in a local community, with a host family.

These can be special experience where you will be able to bond with a family by eating and chatting to them and you will be surprised how friendly local people are even though they might not be able to speak English perfect.


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