A Guide to Teaching Abroad

Whether you are totally new to this idea or have already completed a TEFL qualification our guide should be able to help you get on the teaching employment ladder.

The number of people applying to teach overseas is increasing every year and if you are open to living abroad and you would like to get paid then a career as a TEFL teacher could be appealing to you.

Teaching abroad can open up a whole new world of opportunities, thousands of people are enjoying the experience of a lifetime working abroad as an esl teacher and you can too. Maybe you are new to this idea or you are currently researching options but this is one opportunity not to be missed! For all those who are teachers or want to be teachers, those who want to do something different, and those who want to bring some excitement into their lives, teaching abroad is for you. 

You can find roles to teach at schools, colleges, universities all around the globe. You could also provide private lessons to people who are seeking to learn or improve their English language skills.


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Why Consider This Career

Teaching English abroad is a great way to live in a different country and get paid. It is also a great way to enhance your CV / resume, learn new skills and meet new people. if you like the idea of exploring the world on a gap year then TEFL is the perfect opportunity. 

By working as a teacher you will be able to help children/students expand their knowledge of English, get a new experience living in a different culture and also improve your personal and professional skills. If you are looking for a break and are open to the idea of seeing the world, living abroad whilst also getting paid a career as a TEFL teacher you be just the thing you are looking for!

There are jobs in exciting destinations all around the world, we highly recommend Asia and South America which offers culture, tradition and lots of place to see. Most people really enjoy teaching in a foreign countries. You get to live and experience being integrated into a different culture. You will also really get to understand a different country and meet people from all over the world but don't expect to make a fortune and go in with an open mind.

Charlie Dunford on our facebook page describes teaching abroad as "the best job in the world!".


Types of Roles

These are generally the three different types of TEFL teaching positions available:

Teaching Full-Time
Positions can be found at formal government or private schools, colleges or universities. Teaching hours are normally 7:30am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday. This work is salaried, includes paid holiday and contracts normally run for 12 months or until the end of the academic semester or year.

Teaching Part-Time at a Language School
Teaching hours are normally weekday evenings and at weekends and work is usually hourly paid. This type of work allows shorter commitments and more flexible working schedules.

Freelance Job 
Teaching hours are usually arranged between the teacher and student.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for planning English lessons, organising games & conducting workshops
  • Become proficient in delivering interactive content and comprehensive classroom lessons
  • Work with local teachers and assistants to ensure classes are run efficiently and start and end as scheduled
  • Be confident when using scripted printed materials, multimedia and a variety of audio-visual aids
  • Have an emphasis on dialogue, story-telling, singing and role-playing, but more formal exercises, language games and literature can also be used
  • Prepare lessons prior to the start of each class
  • Deliver both formal and informal assessments and progress reports throughout the school term.
  • Attend weekly progress meetings with relevant teaching authorities
  • Participate in outside of classroom academic activities with fellow teachers
  • Interact with both parents and young language learners in a way that makes language learning fun, engaging and educational



A teaching qualification, and a bachelors or high school degree, are usually the standard requirements for teaching English abroad but in some countries you can get by without one.

If you are worried about lack of experience or if you have reservation then please don't let this hold you back. Most of the best TEFL companies require a degree and a qualification to apply for jobs whilst others are more relaxed. You can find positions if you are not a native English speaker but this is sometimes more difficult. Different schools, colleges and hiring agencies have certain teaching application criteria.

Internationally recognized qualifications like online TEFL courses are sometimes required and a bachelors degree needed whilst a lot of institutions also require you to be a native English speaking adult. Knowledge of a foreign language can be a big advantage in the competitive job market. Also when teaching abroad you might also need to provide a police clearance if working with children from your native country.


Summer Teaching Jobs Abroad

There are lots of summer positions available worldwide so you will need to decide where you would like to teach and what type of placement is right for you. We have put together some useful advice about summer TEFL jobs, how to apply and find jobs and more information.

Some TEFL summer positions are very flexible, you will work a little and then get time off to travel or relaxed. Some jobs have fixed contracts whilst others are more flexible. There are lots of summer camps in Europe, Asia and worldwide where you can work for a period of usually 4 - 6 weeks.

On these jobs you will be leading educational English lessons to children, adolescents and sometimes adults. The aim of these summer camps is to help youngsters have as much fun as possible and also learn in a structured environment of English programs. 

These summer camp TEFL jobs sometimes require you to have experience, but also if you are newly qualified you can also apply for positions. These summer jobs are perfect if you are looking for a short term job for summer, would like to work alongside other teachers from all over the world and most importantly have fun and get paid!

A lot of universities in the UK and worldwide also run summer programs and hire TEFL teachers for temporary summer positions. For these jobs you might need to have experience, a degree and a good qualification. On these jobs you will work leading English lessons to students who pay to attend, wages are usually good and work hours flexible but this really depends on your recruiter / university.



If you are new to the idea of teaching overseas and are wondering how you can earn money and get paid then you can view jobs abroad on our website with specific information.

There are opportunities all around the world to teach English, a lot of jobs include free flights and accommodation but wages will vary depending on where you decide to teach in. You will also  get lots of free time to travel and see more of a country / new part of the world which is priceless. Salaries are generally higher in the Middle East and some Asian countries like South Korea. Teaching and instructing private lessons can be more lucrative than teaching at normal schools with wages generally being higher. 

Salaries vary depending on the country but please be aware teaching generally is not a lucrative career unless in countries like Dubai or Saudi Arabia. In Asia you can expect to save around $500 - $1500 per month whilst in Europe and Latin America you should be able to make enough to have a comfortable lifestyle with savings. You will need to research destinations and please don't expect to travel to a destination like Cambodia and be able to make a fortune.

In Asia South Korea and Japan are your best bet but note the highest wages doesn't necessarily mean the best experience. The Middle East usually pays the highest salaries in the world, here you can make around $2,000 - $9,000 per month. Specific countries and places you will most likely get get paid the most teach English include South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Gulf Arab States and Vietnam.


How to Apply

If teaching abroad sounds appealing to you and you would like to either apply or read more information browse our website today. You can view jobs and work placements on our website, facebook page and also check recruiters, agencies, websites and online job boards. View our featured positions check our our TEFL jobs today.


Reviews & Testimonials

"Teaching abroad has completely changed my life. I have worked in Spain and now I am in China - both completely different destinations but amazing experiences in both. This would not have been possible without going for the TEFL route" - Matt B, UK

"There are positives and negatives to living abroad but it is those experiences that allow us to grow and better ourselves. My experiences teaching in South Korea and Japan have provided me with invaluable lessons, both life and professional, and have molded me into the person I am today. Living and teaching abroad has allowed me to discover myself and that is a gift I am truly grateful for receiving from the people of South Korea, Japan, the United States, and various other nationalities. All of who I would not have been introduced to had I not decided to teach abroad. Do what your heart tells you before your head causes you to miss an opportunity!" - Joshua Stone, USA