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Get inspiration for a life changing trip today and read more information about applying to give back. We help thousands of people find and arrange volunteer trips every year and one of the best things about our website is you can have your pick of literally hundreds of programs and organisations spanning locations all across the globe.

As a volunteer you will get a rewarding experience, help others, meet new people and immerse yourself into a new culture. Arrange a life changing trip today. With One World 365 you can find rewarding placements all around the world and search by continent, country or specific location by using our search function.

If you are researching the best volunteer programs abroad our website is simple and effective directory helping you find the perfect placement.  There are placements for summer, Christmas, honeymoons and all year round for individuals, groups and families.


Why Volunteer Abroad?

There are no specific reasons why you might choose to volunteer abroad, maybe you are looking to do something different or you are planning a break and you want a rewarding experience which is totally different to anything you have ever done before.

You will get to explore a new region of the world and be far more than just a tourist. This is your chance to do something different, help other people and find out about yourself and have an experience more meaningful than just sunbathing. By applying you will get to live and immerse yourself in a foreign country, meet people from all around the world and be able to have a real hands on learning experience. 

Not only is working as a volunteer a wonderful experience, it’s also one that you can take home with you and show to your friends and families through the memories you have, friends you've made and pictures you have taken. There are hundreds of really amazing projects and organisations which need assistance all year, you could apply to help communities, conservation, wildlife, education and teaching initiatives or work on care projects.

Whether you are looking to gain experience for a future career or just spend a vacation doing something different there are projects for everyone. Some projects can be join for a short period of less than a week whilst on others you can stay for over a year meaning there are options to fit all time frames.


Is Volunteering Abroad Worthwhile?

Before a lot of people depart on volunteering placements abroad one popular question is 'who is this going to benefit?' and 'will I be able to make a difference'. By deciding to travel overseas and help a volunteer program you will be able to help others whilst helping yourself develop personally.

You will benefit personally and professionally, this will be a fresh new learning experience. Occasionally in the media there are negative stories about the effectiveness and how worthwhile programs are. Don't let this put you off, developing countries benefit from international help as a lot of places lack the people and skills to help make a difference.

New participants bring new ideas and skills and can also help programs develop overtime by working with local staff. By applying for educational, environmental, wildlife or community based placements you will be able to contribute and have a positive impact. Tourism is also a massive boost to any country, the presence of international volunteers provides money for destinations and for projects, of which a lot require a donation to keep projects operating.

By traveling and volunteering you will be buying local food or staying in accommodation which will boost others indirectly.


Group Volunteer Trips Abroad

Group volunteer programs are vert popular and everyone is welcome to apply, you can also join short and long term programs every month of the year.

If you are a student you could volunteer with a school group over the summer break or you can also volunteer with friends and family members. These group trips are popular with people travelling solo and who are worried about meeting new people, It is also a fantastic opportunity to help rewarding volunteer programs and communities around the world.

On group volunteer projects around the world you will be able immerse yourself into a new country, experience living in a different culture and really make a difference. Everyday is likely to be a new experience when volunteering, whether you are aer working with wildlife, people or teaching you will experience a unique experience with fresh memories everyday. 



You can participate from as little as a day, to over a year. The minimum and maximum program length really depend on the organisation or program, some have a minimum of one week but a lot require at least 2 weeks or longer.

Most organisations prefer participants to stay long term 4 weeks or longer because you need to learn new skills and develop bonds with people you are working with. Please consider how being away from home on a long term volunteer program will impact relationships, holidays, and finances, these things should be considered before joining a year long placement for example.

Most nationalities are able to apply but you will need to be eligible for a tourist visa for the destination you are interested in. You will find most organisations require you to be 18 to volunteer by yourself on a project overseas. But some companies specialize in trips for 15-17 year old's, these are usually structured and short term programs organized in conjunction with schools.

If you are under this age limit you might need to volunteer with your family, there are family trips available but certain restrictions apply. No previous experience is required for non skilled positions but if you are looking to help as a doctor for example you will need qualifications. You will need to be in good health, flexible, enthusiastic, adaptable, have a desire to make a positive impact.

A good level of English is needed for most placements and sometimes depending on the destination you might need to know the basics of the local language

What to Think about Before Applying
Where would you like to go / do? What budget do you have available - this might determine your destination or program/organisations. Some programs can be challenging, if you are not prepared to actively help and put effort in, you might be best just going for a general holiday.

Remember locations can be in the  developing world meaning facilities and living standards might not be what you are used to. Buy travel insurance to cover all events and be sure to read past testimonials for tips and recommendations on how to get the most out of the experience. Read about your destination and see if you need any vaccinations or medication e.g. malari tablets

What to Expect
You have the option to apply direct with local projects and NGO's or arrange your trip through an international company who will be able to arrange you a placement. Even if you apply by yourself you won't be alone volunteering, most organizations have lots of people helping at anytime but if you are worried please enquire direct before applying.

This is certainly no normal holiday, sometimes working hours can be long and exhausting so please beware of this before applying. Every day will be new and there will be lots of time for you to relax or travel and see more of the country you are based in. Usually when participating you will develop strong bonds with your fellow volunteers and you might make friends to last a life time.

You will take away lots of positive memories from volunteering in a foreign country, most people really enjoy the experience and are able to make a contribution to projects around the world. 


Paid Volunteer Work Abroad

To get a paid volunteer job you will need to be a skilled professional. Lots of international organisations and charities offer paid volunteer programs in countries all around the world, positions can include being a team leader, in-country support, logisitics, placement coordinator or working in an area like veterinary. You can search paid volunteering opportunities abroad on our directory.


How to Apply

Our directory should give you some really inspirational ideas on where you can go and what you could do. There is no deadline or best time to apply and please research all countries before signing up to a program. Some organizations allow you to book a program over one year in advance.

Sometimes its good to book the program early as this reserve your spot, some projects only need a limited number of volunteers so can fill up quickly. You should also be able to change your program dates if needed. Please contact us if you have any questions or need any help. Search the best low cost, fully funded & safe structured volunteer projects worldwide today.


Volunteer Abroad Reviews

Have you ever been to volunteer overseas? Would you like to provide feedback or review an organisation or project? Contact us today. If you browse our website you can find thousands of reviews for volunteer companies and programs worldwide.