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In this day and age, with our ability to access information through various platforms, it is possibly easier than ever to learn a new language. By just taking a small step outside of our comfort zones and challenging ourselves to dip a toe into the pool of knowledge that surrounds us, it’ll be achieved quicker than in previous decades.

Learning a language is something that a large percentage of individuals aspire to do at some point in their lives. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to be able to freely converse with others from lands near and far. Lands which would open up so many different opportunities once crossing the language barriers? 

If you are one of these people, someone who has a passion for both learning and languages, then hopefully our directory will help you on your future endeavours or give you that little push to finally begin learning the language of another culture.  We think the best way to learn a new language is to actually live abroad and interact with local people.

Classes are a lot of fun, you'll meet people all over the world and get to improve your skills in a structured program. By living and mixing with local people this will really help improve your learning experience, everyday you will get to practice your skills for example in shops or when watching local tv. This is a much easier way to concentrate compared to leaning in your home country whilst you'll also get lots of time to travel.

If you are thinking about going traveling, taking a gap year or are just keen to learn a new language there are a range of courses available in destinations all around the world. By joining a course you will be able to improve your language skills, immerse yourself in a new culture with the opportunity to progress.

There are language courses all over the world and you can choose a destination and join classes anytime throughout the year. We have highly recommended language schools listed which offer courses for all levels and abilities. So whether you a complete beginner, or you already know the basics and want to advance you can find a course to suit you.

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Top Reasons to Book a Language Course Abroad

  • Classes are a lot of fun
  • Get a deeper understanding of foreign people and cultures
  • Gain Confidence
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Make new friends
  • Improve employability 
  • Progress a Career
  • Enhance Opportunities
  • 74% of Brits regret not learning a second language – don't be one of them! 


Best Foreign Language Schools

Our website featured courses from top rated language schools worldwide. All schools listed on our website have been verified and have positive reviews and feedback.


Types of Courses

There are flexible courses available to fit within a short holiday, study abroad program or longer period. Some intensive courses can be booked for as little as a week but longer courses are recommend to give you a better chance of learning as much as possible.

Schools cater for all ages, some offer short term language camps and courses for children and teenager, whilst others focus specifically on classes for adults. 

These are some of the most popular options: 

  • Intensive courses can be tailored to your ability and requirements
  • One on one or group beginners classes
  • Private courses
  • Flexible part time courses
  • Combination learning + activities e.g. language lessons + dance class + internshipsvolunteer programs
  • Online language courses



The price you pay really depends on the course, language school, destination and duration. Most companies and language schools offer packages where you will need to pay a fee, this generally includes: food, accommodation, insurance, airport transfers and support once in your destination. You will need to pay for flights separately.


How to Book

You can join courses every month of the year and book through our website today. Be sure to book a course in advance as spaces can fill up quick. Search our featured language school programs abroad above.


Language School Reviews

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