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There are lots of different safari tours available to book all year round including:

  • Adventure overland tours which also include safari excursions
  • Camping safaris
  • Nature and conservation safaris
  • Tailor made safari which include specially designed itineraries
  • Special interest - photography / volunteer experiences
  • Luxury safaris


How to Choose a Safari 

There are lots of things which need to be taken into consideration when booking a safari, please research all travel operators before booking a holiday, you will need to find a company and trip which best suits your needs and interests. There are lots of travel companies in this market, each have slight differences and no two safari holidays are the same. Some safari holidays are tailored to specific needs, for example there are holidays for bird watchers, nature and conservation safaris and also wildlife safaris just to name a few.

There are specific family friendly safaris whilst other companies cater for travellers age between 18-35 year old's. Each destination offers a difference experience and so choosing a country is very important, if you specifically want to see wildlife like lions you will need to make sure you join a trip to a country where these animals are based. Some safari holidays also use different types of accommodation, sometimes this is in the form of camping, a traditional lodge or private reserve. If you are after a better level of comfort it might be better to spend a bit more and get a more comfortable journey.

Most travel operators offer small group safaris to the heart of the animal kingdom where you can observe animals in a relaxed environment. 


Best Safari Destinations

There are an incredible selection of wildlife tours around the world, popular countries to visit include Botswana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. 


African Safaris

Booking a safari in Africa is a great way to get close to wildlife and the Kruger National Park in South Africa is up there with one of the best locations in the world. Here you stand a good chance of seeing the famous “Big 5” animals, including lions.

In Rwanda and Uganda you can take an adventue trek to see the famous mountain gorillas whilst in Mozambique you can take a marine tour to see beautiful humpback whales.

Kenya and Tanzania are some of the most best destinations in Africa - both countries are blessed with wildlife. These are amazing destinations with large areas dedicated to wildlife. Some national parks are huge and have been featured in various wildlife films over the years. Expect wild open spaces and spectacular sunsets, the scenery of the plains is breathtaking and you will also be able to get close to some of the most exotic and wild animals in the world.

You will get to witness some of the most amazing wildlife spectacles in the world, the Serengeti is a really special place especially if you love wildlife and exploring. You can see wildebeest among hundreds of other wild animals which are rare to see in other places in the world and on safaris you will have local guides who will be able to take you to the best places. The Grumeti River which is a crossing point full of crocodiles, this is also a place where lots of animals stuggle to survive die to the crocs so don't get too close. It is an amazing place to get photos of wildlife not many things compare to seeing the great migration. 

You can find safaris in Africa for all budgets, you'll often also be sleeping in amazing camps located in spectacular settings - some are luxury whilst others are more budget range. You will be able to get really close to wildlife on these trips in the great outdoors. There are also optional activities like going on a hot air balloon trip for better views. 


Asia Safaris

In Asia you can see tigers in India, elephants in Thailand and monkeys and gibbons in Laos. Malaysia is brimming with wildlife, a lot of which is unique to this part of Asia. In Sabbah, Borneo a trip to the Sepilok orangutan centre is a wonderful experience, here you will get to stand on viewing platforms you can observe orang utans and probosics monkeys whilst walking along canopy through the rainforest. 


Cost & How to Book

Cost really depends on where you visit, how long you want to go for, what level of luxury you are looking for and which travel operator you choose. We list travel companies on our website which offer budget and luxury safari holidays, the main difference between these trips is generally the accommodation and transport method.

Some travel companies use over landing adventure vehicles whilst more expensive holidays use private jeeps and sometimes small airplanes. Some operators offer package safari packages which include flights, accommodation, transport and tours. Other companies offer specific in country safaris where you will need to book activities independently.


Safari Tour Reviews

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