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What Are Summer Camps

Summer camps are a supervised program usually offered for children conducted during the summer months.

Children and adolescents who attend summer camps are known as campers, and usually participate in a range of activities which allow for fun, friendships and educational growth. Some camps also offer programs for adults and families.

There are thousands of camps located throughout states in the United States and Canada, and every year more and more international camps are opening in countries like the UK, Europe and Asia.

Most camps usually accept local and also international students to participate. Some camps even hire staff which adds to the cultural enrichment.

Prices to attend summer camps vary but funding and scholarships are also sometimes available.


Why Do Kids Go to Summer Camp?

Thousands of children attend summer camp every year and there are so many benefits and reasons to go. This is a great space for children to develop, both mentally and physically, meet new people, make new friends and learn new skills. Camp offers a great environment for youngsters outside of schools and is the perfect place to gain independence. Camp is also usually a lot of fun.


Types of Camps

You can find camps for all interests, from religious to sports academies.

Some camps offer specific activities, for example, languages, music, computer programming, science, mathematics or football. Other camps are more general and allow children to participate in a range of activities and sports. 

Camps can be run privately with world class facilities, or through charities, governments or educational institutions. Some camps are totally free whilst others charge fees for children to attend. Every camp is different. Some offer cabin accommodation, whilst others are more rustic and have camping.

A lot of camps offer day programs, whilst others, especially in the United States are residential or sleepaway and are sometimes offered for periods of 1 - 4 weeks. Although summer is the most popular time to attend camps, some operate all year round.

Children aged 4 - 16 are usually accepted onto camps, but this varies depending on the camp and programs offered.

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How to Choose a Camp

With thousands of camps to choose between, deciding where to go can be a difficult decision. These are some important things to consider before booking a camp:

• What are you hoping to achieve e.g. academic success or just letting your child learn new skills and have fun. This can help narrow down your search.
• Is the location easy to get to 
• Costs, facilities and what is included
• Do you think your child will be able to cope with homesickness if attending a residential camp?
• Are reviews online positive?


Summer Camp Reviews & Testimonials

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