If this appeals to you view our guide to the most popular destinations to apply for an international internship.

Here is our list, in no particular order, of the best places to intern abroad which will help if you are wondering what the best countries are to do your internship.


1. Australia

Sydney ferry

Always wanted to experience life Down Under? Keen to boost your CV and get to go sightseeing in your spare time? Search internships in Australia! You can join placements with local and international companies in world famous cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. This will be one of the best experiences of your life!


2. Thailand

Koh Phi Phi

One of the most underrated destinations on our list due to the fact most people down even realise you can intern here.

Thailand is beautiful and there are placements available in a wide range of industries with English speaking staff in places like Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

If you are keen to join an internship in Thailand you might also want to combine experiences and apply to volunteer in Thailand too which will be an incredible experience.


3. USA

Washington DC

Live the American dream by applying to intern in the USA! Imagine waking up and working in a city like New York, - you can turn this into a reality.

There are summer and year round work experience placements available in cities and locations thoughtout the country like LA, Chicago, New Jersey and Denver.

Check our guide to going to work in the USA if you are looking for paid options.


4. United Kingdom

Piccadilly Circus London

The UK is home to thouands of companies a lot of which hire interns throughout the year, Popular places to intern include London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool. You can find placements in most industries, view internships in the UK today.


5. New Zealand

Auckland skyline night

New Zealand might be a long way from most countries, but the breathtaking beauty of the country will provide you with one of the best experience of your life. Joining internships in New Zealand is a great way to travel and discover this beautiful country for yourself. 


6. Canada

Toronto skyline

Canada is often overlooked with internatonal participants who tend to head further south to the United States but don't be that person. There are so many reasons why you should apply to intern in Canada - you will get to experience amazing destinations like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Niagara Falls! If you fancy staying longer view working holidays in Canada.


7. Spain

Barcelona beach

There are so many different internships in Spain which are popular with UK, EU and international students.This is one of our top recommended places to apply due to the warm climate, facsinating cities, tasty food and beaches.

Most programs are in English but there is also the option to learn Spanish in Spain if you would like to make the most of the experience. Our top rated destinations to apply include Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia.


8. China

Hong Kong skyline night

China is one of the hottest places to intern in the world right now, the economy is booming and having this experience on your CV will look fantastic to future employers.

You can find internships in China in cities like Bejing and Shanghai. Don't be put off by the language barrier, most companies offer packages which include accommodation, transfers and English speaking staff on hand if you need any assistance. You might also want to check out Internships in Hong Kong.


9. Argentina

Buenos Aires tangov

If the idea of going to intern in South America appeals to you there are so many reasons you should consider applying for a placement in Argentina.

There are placements in cities like Buenos Aires and Cordoba open to English speakers all year round. Some companies also offer Spanish language courses in Argentina to help you with integration. Search internships in Argentina today.


10. France

Paris tourist Eiffel Tower

Keen to experience the French way of life? Do not worry if you don't speak French as there are lots of internships in France for English speakers. Summer internships in Paris are very popular with students worldwide 


11. Singapore

Chinatown, Singapore

Singapore is one of the most important financial and business centres in the world and having the experience of interning in Singapore on your CV will look amazing to future employers.

Singapore is a small but facsinating destinations and there are lots of professional placements available for foreigners. This really is one of the best places to intern in Asia.


12. Mexico

Cancun beach strip

Looking for a warmer climate? Consider applying for internships in Mexico! The close location to North America makes it a popular country to intern with US students and graduates but placements are open to all foreigners. You could choose to join a placement in a bustling city like Mexico City, or head to the spectacular coasts.


13. Ireland

Temple Bar, Dublin

Going to intern in Ireland is becoming more and more popular due to the amound of companies operating here. Large brands like Facebook and Google have offices in Ireland. Find internships in Ireland today.


14. Japan

Japan budget

Looking for a culture shock? Keen to live and work abroad in a totally different environment?

Japan is highly recommended even if you don't speak the local language, the people, food and locations are propably unlike anywhere you have ever been before.

Going to join an internship in Japan will be an amazing cultural exchange. If you are looking for paid employment you might want to consider going to teach English in Japan.


15. Switzerland

Geneva fountain

With some of the highest wages in the world it is no wonder why Switzerland is one of the best places to intern around the world.

This country is especially popular with people seeking careers in business and finance as there are large multinational companies located in cities like Zurich, Geneva and Basel. View internships in Switzerland.


16. Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo

Costa Rica is simply beautiful, it is no wonder this country is becoming more popular every year with international tourists. By joining internships in Costa Rica you will get to see some of the best beaches in Central America. Although placements are generally in English you might also want to learn Spanish in Costa Rica.


17. India

Taj Mahal

Hundreds of people go and volunteer in India every year and if you are looking to gain experience why not apply to intern in India? You can find programs in large cities like Delhi with local and international companies.

This is a great way to learn about a different culture and see incredible places like the Taj Mahal in your spare time. Don't forget to apply for a PAN card in advance if you are thinking about working in India or joining a paid intern program, as that'll help Indian authorities identify you as a legally paying tax individual. 


18. Ecuador

Galapagos Islands

Looking for a unique destination to gain experience? Willing to go slightly off the beaten track? Choose Ecuador. There are a range of exciting opportunities with local and international companies in places like Quito. On weekends you will be free to explore new places, you could visit the spectacular Galapagos Islands. View internships in Ecuador today.


19. Italy


Keen to intern in Europe? Italy is one of the best destinations with world famous sights and cities like Rome, Venice, Napoli, Turin and Milan. With some of the best sights and incredible food you will love the experience of living and learning here. View internships in Italy.


20. South Africa

Camps Bay, Cape Town

There are so many reasons to love South Africa, think history, culture, wildlife, beaches and incredible activities. By applying for internships in South Africa you could be based in a spectacular city like Cape Town as seen in the image above. There are also lots of volunteer programs in South Africa which also allow you to gain work experience.


21. Israel

Haifa Gardens

Keen to intern in one of the most historic destinations in the world? Applying for internships in Israel is a great way to see biblical sights and experience the culture of a city like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.


22. Germany

Berlin skyline night

Germany is one of the most welcoming and forward thinking countries in Europe and you will love the experience of living here. There are placements in places like Berling, Hamburg and Munich.

Lots of start up companies are now opening in Germany and this is a great destintation if you are looking for internet/tech experience. View internships in Germany and apply today.


23. Norway

Bergen, Norway

Norway has one of the highest standards of living in the world and lots of international companies are based here. In summer you can explore the fjords or in winter go skiing! View internships in Norway today.


24. Dubai

Top things to do in Dubai

Want to enjoy a country with almost all year round warm weather and a booming economy? Choose Dubai as your perfect destination to gain experience in the Middle East. 


25. Belgium


Belgium is a great country to visit and is popular with international students due to being home to the European parliament being located here. You can find placements in cities like Brussels and Bruge - both pretty cities to be based.


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