International Internships & Work Experience in Italy 

If you would like to apply to intern in Italy our guide will provide you with everything you need to know. Summer internships in Italy are very popular and you will need to get your application in early for these. There are lots of different positions available in various different industries like hospitality, IT, media, human resources, engineering, architecture, business, hospitality, fashion, sciences, IT and communications. 

Most placements can be joined all year round and usually start on a Monday and last for 4 - 12 weeks or longer on request. You will also get lots of free time to explore your new surroundings, internship providers usually offer excursions to staff so you can learn more about the country and history.


Internships & Jobs for Students in Italy

There are lots of internships and work experience programs for students in Italy which run during the summer, winter, or spring and fall semesters - perfect to fit around a studying schedule. You will get to spend time working in a new country and culture, build your CV and gain vital work experience for a future career. Some internships can be taken for credit too.

Some companies offer structured placements where you will need to pay a fee, this include placements, processing of documentation, accommodation, support and advice once in countryand assistance. You will need to apply around 2-3 months before the date that you wish to join. You might also like to search more internships in Europe.


Paid Internships in Italy

It is difficult to find paid internship in Italy, but some employers offer a stipend salary or cover travel costs. Some internships programs like hospitality usually offer free housing and meals onsite. 



  • Placements are available for participants aged 18 yrs +
  • Due to visa restrictions, participants must be citizens of the European Union, United States of America, Switzerland, Japan or Australia. If you are an Indian citizen or student you will need to apply through a company in your home country.
  • Might need to provide proof of your health insurance, personal/public liability insurance and your accident insurance
  • You will need an up to date CV (preferably written in English/Italian), an application letter and a photocopy of your passport.
  • You might need to take a phone interview before joining to assess suitability
  • You need at least beginner level of the local lingo so we recommend taking an Italian language course in Italy