Human Rights Work Experience

Whether you are a student currently in education, a graduate or someone looking for a change in career there are placements available all year round. 

There are short and long term human rights internships available to join during summer and all year round. Summer human rights internships are very popular with students so apply early to stand a good chance of being selected. If you are currently an undergraduate studying towards a human rights related degree then our placements will be fantastic for your career!

You could be working on social, economic, and political issues. You will pick up new skills and get an idea of the best practices and methods for dealing with different situations. By participanting you will get to meet new people both personally and professionally, get training and learn about different issues like advocacy, civil rights litigation, and community organizing. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of these placements is helping to empower people and communities to get social change. A lot of placements are flexible and you can join for a short or long period all year round. Most internships can be fitted around studies or other commitments. Improving the rights of people and human rights records will be an incredible challenge. 


Top Reasons to Apply

  • Learn from experienced staff
  • Gain practical hands on experience which will look great on your CV
  • Boost your career & stand out in the crowd


What Types of Placements Are Available

You could apply to intern with:

  • NGOs or non-profit organizations
  • Governmental departments
  • Community organisations
  • Private companies
  • Law firms


Where to Go

You can join human rights internships in the UK and abroad. Where you go really comes down to personal preference as you can join placements in Europe, North America, Australasia and all around the world.

There are lots of rewarding human rights internship programs abroad in developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. You will get to live and work in a new environment, learn about issues in other countries and see how different companies handle situations.

By working to protect human rights you will directly be able to make a difference and help people in need. You will take on responsibilities and contribute to cases and projects. One of the benefits of a human rights work experience placement abroad is you will get lots of free time to go sightseeing and see more of your destination. This will also reallly help you to get a job afterwards.

Some charities and international agencies arrange human rights internships in developing countries where help is most needed. Countries we recommend include Cambodia, Ghana and South Africa. These are some of the poorest countries in the world where people face challenges on a daily basis due to poor human rights records, political and social issues.


General Tasks

There are lots of different areas available for you to work in including children / women’s rights, indigenous rights, educational outreach, research, and legal counsel. On some internships you will work on community development and support offering information, advice, training and skills-building assistance. In some countries there are huge gender inbalance but this is where human rights organisations help through education, training and support.

Some programs we recommend include helping improve women’s empowerment using education and skills training. Some past interns have contributed to local and national educational and awareness campaigns. Some tasks can involve dealing directly with people, setting up talks, workshops and providing mentoring to people in need.


Paid Human Rights Internships

Looking for paid human rights internships? Some organisations provide paid human rights work experience programs, these placements can be competative so you will need to put together a good application. Sometimes you might be required to pay a fee to join some human rights internships abroad, this usually covers placements, flights, accommodation, meals and in-country support.



An international internship in human rights is perfect for students, graduates or anyone interested in taking a career in human rights, law, politics, social work, economics and community development. Some companies require candidates:

  • self-starter
  • research experience and expertise
  • cross-cultural communication skills
  • can work independently
  • strong writing skills
  • comfortable working in low-income communities and informal settlements
  • driven by a sense of social justice
  • ability to handle stressful situations

Can you assist this organisation in one of more of these areas?

  • research
  • gathering of qualitative and quantitative data
  • data analysis
    writing reports, newspaper and journal articles
  • liaising with media
  • working with government officials
  • fundraising and donor relations
  • site visits and fieldwork
  • administration


Human Rights Internship Reviews & Testimonials

Have you ever joined a law intern program? Would you like to share your experience or review a firm? Contact us today.

"Before Cape Town, I really knew nothing about human rights. I learned more in my month of interning then I ever could have imagined. It was the first time in my life I felt like I was doing tangible work, and at the same time, I was actually touching the lives of people." - Emily Dennis, UK, Human Rights volunteer in South Africa


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