Internships in Mexico

Interested in gaining work experience? Find internships in Mexico for foreigners. Choose from a range of industries.


Intern Programs in Mexico

A Guide to Interning in Mexico

Internships in Mexico

By interning in Mexico you will add depth to your CV/resume, immerse yourself in the local culture, learn a lot from local employees and gain an experience like no other. The experience of working as an intern in Mexico will look great to future employers - this might make you stand out in a crowd of candidates.

Internships can last anywhere from a few weeks to 6 months+. There are internships available with local and international companies in industries like tourism, eco-tourism, hotel industry, hospitality, NGO, conservation and community development. View our guide to interning in Mexico and apply today.


Best Places to Intern in Mexico


Popular places to intern in Mexico include:

Places like Cancun have large multinational hotel chains and there are placements available here all year round. There are lots of conservation based internship programs where you can help local communities and wildlife in coastal areas of the country.


Types of Internships Available


Popular Internships Include:

  • Animal care 
  • Business 
  • Environmental and Conservation Awareness 
  • Marine Biology 
  • Media, Journalism and Broadcasting
  • Medical and Healthcare 
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Travel and Tourism 


  • Anthropology 
  • Computer Science 
  • Criminal Justice 
  • Economics 
  • Education 
  • Restaurant Management
  • Performing Arts 
  • Political Science
  • Social Work 
  • Sports 


Paid Internships in Mexico

It is difficult to secure a paid internship placement in Mexico, usually these types of positions go to locally employed staff. Some companies and agencies will require you to pay a joining fee which includes placements, accommodation and meals. If you get a good company they might also give you a small stipend monthly salary.


Summer Internships in Mexico

We get most enquiries about participating on summer internships in Mexico, this experiences are very popular with students on breaks during studies and to get a place you will need to apply well in advance. There are lots of short term intern placements available during summer in a wide range of industries.



  • What to Expect: Mexico has an improving economy and a really thriving tourism industry, by interning here you will get hands on experience in a Spanish speaking country. Usually you will intern from 9am to 6pm, but not all internships are full-time. You will usually get weekends off whilst some businesses are closed on either Mondays or Tuesdays. Some companies also offer staff daily siestas breaks 2 - 4. You will also get lots of free time to enjoy your new surroundings or travel on completion of a placement. If you would like to combine experience you might like to view our volunteer programs in Mexico or search our tours in Mexico.
  • Visa & General Requirements: For most internship placements you will need to be aged 18+. Programs are open to both students and non-students - it is beneficial if you speak Spanish but companies who hire foreign interns have English speaking staff. If you are planning to intern for less than six months you do not need to apply for a visa and all you will need is a valid passport.
  • Cost of Living: Another great reason to intern in Mexico is the cost of living which is a lot less than the USA and Canada. Living expenses taking into account food, transport and rent are low, the larger locations like Mexico City and Cancun have higher costs in terms of accommodation than other cities in the country.


How to Apply

You can search our featured Mexico internships and apply above. You can apply with both local and international companies, some will require a you pay a internship fee, this generally includes: 

  • Internship placement and supervision
  • Airport pick-up
  • On-site orientation
  • Visa assistance
  • Housing 
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Insurance
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Help from start to finish
  • Certification and reference on completion

For more options you might like to view all of our intern abroad programs.


Mexico Internship Reviews & Testimonials

Would you like to share your experience and rate a company or placement? Contact us today,

“Life changing experience. 10/10. I would do it again!” Jeff Weaver, Mexico Intern with The Science Exchange


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