Internships in China for English Speakers

As a premier professional internship abroad organization, we have partnered with leading firms across a wide range of industries enabling you to access the best internships in China including gaining experience in business, law, human rights, media, journalism, finance, fashion internships, entrepreneurship internships, engineering, advertising, marketing and public relations. 

China is an entrepreneurial center today and one of the most popular Asia internship destinations. People from around the world are flocking to cities like Shanghai and Beijing to build a venture that will be an important part of China’s growth. Individuals are starting early, so don’t miss out! Our programs brings young adults from around the world to China for a once in a lifetime international experience. Imagine a summer camp where you are learning from the best and brightest entrepreneurs in China!

This is also a fantastic way to learn or improve Mandarin in China. You will usually be placed alongside other international participants on short term contracts where you will get to work and also explore your destination in your spare time. 


Top Reasons to Intern in China

  • Experience a unique culture
  • The Chinese economy is booming
  • Make new contacts
  • Gain work experience perfect to boost your CV / resume
  • Improve your language skills
  • Meet new people from all over the world
  • Impress future employers
  • A great way to spend a productive gap year in China
  • Some intern programs lead to full time jobs in China


Popular Destinations

There are internships available throughout the country, sometimes you can choose your preferred destination but this can also depend on the industry you want to work. Most companies are located in the larger cities including: 

  • Northern China: Beijing, Tianjin, Hohhot and Shenyang
  • Central China: Shanghai, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Henan and Jiangsu
  • Southern China: Guangdong, Hunan, Fujian and Guangxi

Other Places include Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Dongguan, Chongqing, Chengdu and Nanjing.


Types of Internships Placements

  • Advertising, Marketing & PR
  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Business & Consulting
  • Journalism
  • Finance
  • Hotels and Tourism
  • International Trade
  • IT & Graphic Design
  • Law & Legal
  • Media & Marketing
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • NGOs & Charities
  • Other
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tourism


Paid Internships in China

In China you can find companies who offer paid internships to international participants, these placements are very competative. Other companies might offer some reimbursements e.g. help towards flights, accommodation or pay for transport to and from work. Some companies might require you to have experience or be able to speak/write in Mandarin. 

If you are applying from overseas through an agency you might need to pay a fee to participate as these placements come part of a structured package which includes flights, accommodation, meals, training and a reputable placement, full in-country suppport, a certification of completion. 


Eligibility & Requirements

To be eligible you usually need to be a native English speaker, have a university degree, be aged between 18 and 50, be eligible for a tourist visa and also be open to a new challenge. Most programs are open to everyone seeking work experience, so if you are a student seeking a summer internship, a graduate looking to boost your career or you just want to live and work in a new culture then you will be able to find a company and placement to suit your interests. 


How to Apply

You can search our featured intern opportunities and apply above. If you go through an international sending agency you will usually get:

  • Accommodation
  • Airport pickup
  • Welcome package
  • Visa assistance
  • Orientation and city tour

  • Business, cultural, networking events
  • On-site support
  • Days / nights out
  • Certificate upon completion


Application Help

If you need any help arranging an internship in China please get in touch.


China Internship Reviews & Testimonials

If you have ever been to intern in China and would like to add a review, write about your experience or share any recommendations please contact us,

"The way the program currently operates is great for those in college who want a little taste of a certain field in an international setting. This also provides a great experience of simply living in another country and feeling like you are “on your own” in a vast city (despite not being truly “alone” as the company has got your back if you need it).

It is a great way to meet new friends and form connections with your employers as I did, seeing as we exchanged contact information before I left so that we could keep in communication in the future. Overall, this is a great experience for young people trying to get a taste of the real world and hands one experience before graduating and also to feed that need for adventure." - J. Cabrera, California, USA

"I was a tired, worn-out hack when I left England to intern on a magazine in Beijing as a features writer. By the time I returned to the UK I was a re-energised, positive journalist who loved their job once more. My internship was perfect for someone who knew little about China because it meant that I learnt about the country I was living in as I worked in it! The staff in the office were amazing." - Chris Henry, UK