A Guide to Studying Spanish in Spain

Thousands of people study Spanish in Spain every year and there are language schools located throughout the country with different courses to learn Spanish for all levels and abilities. For a short break you might like to take a intensive course, this sometimes includes 10 - 20 lessons per week. If you are looking for a more structured experience there are flexible courses where you can learn at your own pace, classes can be throughout the week in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. 

Most courses will allow plenty of time to relax and enjoy the Spanish culture, you will usually get mornings or evenings off depending on the course. Learning Spanish will really get you more interacted with people and integrated into the Spanish culture, you might be surprised that a lot of people especially in the north don't speak English. There are lots of languages spoken in Spain and people might be reluctant to speak in English.

There is no best time to study Spanish in Spain it really depends on what weather you are looking for. Most language schools are open all year round and you can book classes in advance for dates later in the year or even book ahead for next year. Spain can get hot in summer and if you are not a big fan of the heat you might want to consider a winter class. 

On our directory you can get information on the best places to study, the cheapest place to take a course, read reviews and also see recommendations for the best language schools in the country.


Popular Places to Study

These are some of the best cities and towns to book courses:

There are lots of different courses for all age groups with start dates all year round and if you are looking to improve your language skills nothing will compare to actually living and studying in Spain.

There are so many locations in Spain where you can learn to study Spanish and each place offers a different experience. To answer this question you really need to decide what type of experience you are looking for, we highly recommend learning Spanish close to the coast so you can escape to the beach in your spare time.

Popular places to study include the larger cities which are vibrant and exciting.


Types of Courses


  • Intensive Spanish Course
  • Super Intensive Spanish Course
  • Spanish Christmas Course
  • Spanish & Dancing
  • History, Art or Literature
  • DELE Preparation Course
  • Spanish Course for Spanish Teachers
  • Intensive Business Spanish Course
  • Premium Spanish Classes
  • Private Spanish Classes
  • Gap Year Study Programs
  • Teacher's Home Program

Beginners courses are the most popular, these are a lot of fun and a great introduction to the Spanish language. You can also find language schools which offer DELE preparation courses (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera / Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma). This is usually for people who are looking to study at university in Spain or teach and work in a Spanish speaking country.

There are also combination courses you can join, for example Spanish lessons with cooking or tango classes. A lot of language schools offer tours of Spain and activities to keep you entertained too. For something rewarding some schools also offer the chance to volunteer in Spain where you can help good causes at the same time as studying.


Cheap / Free Spanish Courses in Spain

We often get enquiries asking about how to find free Spanish courses in Spain. This is difficult as usually you pay a fee for tuition and accommodation. You could try to learn Spanish in Spain for free by possibly making friends with local people and just trying to pick up the basics at your own pace.

Another option is to advertise yourself to teach English in Spain to local people whilst they help you to improve your Spanish. This might be a good option if you are on a budget but to really learn in a structured way we recommend paying for a professional language course.

If you apply to work in Spain a lot of recruiters will also provide free classes to help you with intregration.


Cost & Requirements

The cost of Spanish courses can depend on where you study and what course you choose.

Cities like Barcelona and Madrid are generally more expensive to live in than other places. In Southern Spain and places like Valladolid and Salamanca the living costs and course costs will be cheaper, but the experience might not be as good as being in a larger city like Barcelona for example where there are things happening all year round. Check to see whether accommodation is included in Spanish language packages.

Courses are open to everyone. All Nationalities can apply and there are course for all levels, so whether you have never ever learned any of the language before or if you already know a lot, you will find a course for you. Spanish courses are popular with students, graduates and people just looking to expand their language knowledge, people travel from all over the world to study in Spain and you can study alone, with friends or your family.


Help & Advice

On our directory you can find cheap & great value Spanish language study abroad programs and courses from top rated language schools in Spain. If you need any help arranging a Spanish course in Spain please get in touch.



If you have ever joined a Spanish course in Spain and would like to write about your experience, review a company or share any recommendations please contact us.

"I took my gap year in Spain to learn a new language and to meet people from all over the world which you never would meet in your home country. Learning something about another country and its culture is a big, big advantage as well." - Anna M, Germany