Popular Destinations

Popular destinations include Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Fiji, China, Thailand, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Argentina. 


Areas You Can Work 

Media Work Experience Placements Abroad

You can find a range of placements in destinations worldwide, whether you are currently studying, graduated or you would just like to do something constructive  these placements will appeal to you.

There are various different roles and positions available including working as an an editor, photographer, writer, or in a radio station around the world. You might be working on updating a newspaper, magazine, website spending days research stories and covering events. 


Radio Station Work Experience Placements Abroad

Apply to work at a radio station overseas and see how companies operate around the world. You could be working on all aspects of shows and behind the scenes production.

A lot of people seeking radio work experience take gap year to gain media skills, you will learn alongside professional staff picking up new techniques in the process. Typical tasks can involve reporting on current events and be part of a production crew working on live broadcasts.


Media and Television Placements Abroad

Television Placements Abroad

If you have ambitions in gaining experience in the world of broadcast media, then you might want to apply to work on a tv placement. There are community television channels around the world which accept internationals where you can gain experience in script writing, editing, producing and presenting.

You can find a placement which will provide you with valuable work experience helping to make you stand out in the crowd. There are work placements with tv companies overseas which can open up new career opportunities - it can be difficult to gain this hands on experience in your native country. 


Why Apply

  • Gain experience and an insight into the working world
  • Live in a different country
  • Make new professional contacts and possibly make lifelong friends
  • Have a life changing experience beneficial to a future career
  • There are both volunteer and paid positions available and these are great if you want to build your CV / resume
  • Experience a different working environment
  • Working in the media is a very popular career choice but it it also very competitive for jobs especially in the UK, having this experience might boost your chances of finding paid employment in the future




  • Students & Graduates - There are summer placements and also you can also pre-arrange a position for when you graduate. Usually you need to be aged 18+ to apply
  • Gap Years - Consider taking a productive gap year which will help you in future life, traveling abroad to gain a wider cultural experience on a media placement will appeal to future employers
  • Professionals - If you are already working in the media, you might want to consider one of these placements as a way of giving back and helping share your skills in other countries


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