A Guide to Interning in Australia

There are so many options if you are are thinking about interning Down Under in Australia, you will need to search to see which internship is best for you. If you are a student or recent graduate there are lots of exciting internships which will help you boost your CV / resume and give you practical hands of work experience.

You can apply in advance through our website for summer or year round positions which perfect if you are looking to experience working in a new environment. There are paid internships in Australia but a lot are unpaid, some agencies also charge a placement fee. Internships are available to join in this year or next. If this sounds interesting to you please read on for more information and apply today. 



Internships in Australia can include working in advertising, architecture, business, biological research, event management, pharmacy, finance, graphic design, engineering / mining, hotels / hospitality, environmental issues, HR, fashion, insurance, computing / IT, design, law, media / journalism, logistics, marketing, healthcare / psychology, PR, telecommunications and tourism.


Popular Places to Apply

Australian Capital Territory: 

New South Wales

Northern Territory 


South Australia



Western Australia


How to Choose Where to Intern

You will need to check prior to applying for the best internship program for you, popular destinations include Sydney and Queensland where you can find iconic tourist sights and lots of internships. We list amazing internship programs in cities like Sydney, Perth and Melbourne or even in the Outback which can provide you with an amazing exchange where you can live, learn and experience Australia.

Sydney is one of the most popular places to intern in Australia, this large relaxed city is a perfect mix of fun, activities and businesses. Perth is a very laid back city to intern located on the west coast of Australia. Expect an amazing experience here where you will get lots of free time to travel and see more of this beautiful country. If you are based in a city like Sydney you will have an opportunity to visit spectaculra locations like the Great Ocean Road, Ayers Rock, Frasier Island and more. 


Summer Internships in Australia

Summer intern programs in Australia are very popular with both locals and internationals, these placements are a great way to gain experience and usually attract thousands of applications from students and graduates every year. We expect high interest to intern in Australia for this summer so if this appeals to you register your interest today.


Paid Internships in Australia

Some companies offer paid internships in Australia or offer some reimbursements e.g. help towards transport and meals. You will need to put together a strong application as competation can be high. 


How to Apply

You can search our internships on our directory. There is the option to enquire for more information or book a place. Apply well in advance is highly recommended so you secure a spot for the dates you are interested in. Most internships are open to all nationalities but you will need to check to see if you are eligible for a visa. We find most people apply from the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. Our internships are popular with UK and US students and graduates and people taking a gap year in Australia. Usually you will need to be aged 17+ to be eligible.  


Reviews & Testimonials

Have you ever been to work or intern in Australia? Would you like to review a company or placement? Contact us today.

"To sum up the 4 weeks I have spent on my TV placement in Perth, I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving hands on experience. I feel that where in the UK you would not be used for anything more than making the tea, here you are granted the freedom to be creative; to think and research interesting briefs and then to be allowed to go and shoot them at various locations. The pace of life may not be as busy as UK media offices, but it is a perfect opportunity to ease yourself into the industry, without it being too daunting." - Carmen Butcher, UK


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