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Hotel Jobs Abroad

There are so many reasons why you might want to work abroad at a hotel abroad. This can be an exciting career / life change where you will get to live and integrate into a new country whilst getting paid. There are positions in English whilst it is recommended if you are applying to a foreign speaking country you try to learn at least the basics of the destination language. Some jobs do not require any experience but for more skilled / senior positions

Candidates with good customer service skills or the ability to speak multiple languages could find a job as a receptionist or general assistant. Those with experience of specialist skills are in demand on resorts to work as resort representatives, chefs, childcare helpers or to provide entertainment.

Unskilled hotel jobs include laundry, bar work and even something as easy as washing dishes. If you are lacking experience you might want to apply for a hospitality internship or if the idea of traveling the world appeals to you there are several roles available for internationals to work on a cruise ship.


Types of Hotel Positions Available

Hospitality Jobs Abroad

You can find work in a wide range of areas including:

  • Managers
  • Receptionists
  • Phone Centre
  • Waiters / waitresses
  • Cleaners
  • Chefs and cooks
  • Service staff
  • Bar staff
  • Childcare assistants
  • Handymen / maintenance staff
  • Entertainment
  • Office and website positions


Salary & Benefits

What you get paid depends on the recruiter and also your role. One of the added benefits is some hotels and hostel provide free or low cost accommodation - this can save you a lot of money. 


Popular Destinations

You can find work anywhere around the world and below we have put together a list of popular destinations to apply:




Hotel Jobs in the United Kingdom

Tourism is a huge industry in the UK and thousands of people are employed in bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, hostels and pubs. You can find positions throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Roles include cleaners, desk clerks, handymen, receptionists, call centre operators. Some of the best places to gain employment include London - there are lots of hotels and hostels here so your chances of finding a job are higher. Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Cardiff are also a great choice. If you would like to experience life by the beach both Brighton and Bournemouth offer lots of seasonal employment opportunities. Other places you might want to consider are The Lake District and The Channel Isles. 

If you are applying from outside of the UK you will need to be a confident speaker of English. Search working holidays in the United Kingdom.


Hotel Jobs in France

Does the idea of going to work in France appeal to you? A popular option is to seek out work at hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes. Generally you can apply for these seasonal-jobs-working-holidays all year round and there is a lot of choice when it comes to your destination, you could choose a big city like Paris or head somewhere more touristy in summer like La Rochelle.

Before applying though make sure you have a competant level of the French language, you will be working with natives and also dealing direct with people on these jobs so your French will need to be at a good level. If you don't know any French buy a phrasebook and try to pick up some words/phrases relevent to the industry you will be working in e.g. conversational things like how to ask customers what they want, names of drinks, how to be of help etc.

You could also book a French language course in France.


Hotel Jobs in Spain

There are hotel seasonal-jobs-working-holidays available in large cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante and Valencia whilst if you are an English speaker you stand a better chance of getting work in places like the Canary Islands, Ibiza and other popular tourist destinations.

Some positions are behind the scenes where you might get away without being fluent for example cleaning, working in the kitchen, being a handyman etc. There are also lots of expat bars and clubs which are run by Brits, Australians and Irish people where you should be okay if your French isn't up to scratch.

Some hostels also allow you to work in exchange for your board and meals. You can apply online, direct in person or go through a recruitment agency. View seasonal jobs in Spain.


North America


Hotel Jobs in Canada

There are lots of vacancies in Canada all year round where you can work in a hotel, hostel, bar, cafe or restaurant. Popular places for this type of work include cities like Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Quebec.

If you check the most popular tourist destinations in the country these places will be your best option for finding this type of work. Somewhere like Niagara Falls is an all round destination and in the nearby towns you should be able to find some type of work.

A good CV, some experience and a positive/friendly manor will help you secure work in these industries. Search seasonal jobs in Canada.

Hotel Jobs in the USA

Tourism in huge in the USA and this industry employs thousands of people. Positions can include working at a resort, amusement, water or theme parks, hotels, bars, restaurants, shops country clubs and more. If you apply through a working holiday provider they will arrange your flights, transfers and help with finding a job.

You can find employment literally anywhere, for example New York, California, Massachusetts, Maryland and New Hampshire where there are lots of hotel and resort seasonal-jobs-working-holidays. Search seasonal jobs in the USA


Hotel & Hospitality Jobs in Asia, Middle East, Oceania & Worldwide

On our website you can find companies who offer jobs in Asia and other locations. You can find vanancies in areas like in a hotel kitchen, on reception, in house keeping, behind a bar or behind the scenes in an admin / HR / sales role.

You will work alongside local staff and other internationals which will be a great cross cultural learning experience. Local people are very friendly and you will be welcomed into their society and work place. You can find hotel work all around the world including Thailand, Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, South Africa and other locations.


Hotel Jobs in Australia

With millions of tourists visiting Australia every year there is demand for hostel and hotel staff year round. Jobs can include working as a receptionist, handyman, cleaner, office assistance or general staff. You could also work in the hospitality industry in a restaurant, cafe, bar or food outlet in places like Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane or Cairns. View working holidays in Australia.


Hotel Jobs in New Zealand

New Zealand is an all year round destination and there is no peak time for tourists, because of this there is a need for seasonal staff all year round. Tourism is huge in this country and this is one area where most backpackers and working holiday participants gain employment.

Jobs in hotels, pubs, cafes, fast food outlets, hostels and restaurants - most of these places rely on temporary workers. If you have any experience in customer service this will be a big advantage. Search seasonal jobs working in New Zealand.



When working in a hotel you will have to provide a high level of customer service to meet company standards and ensure guests have the best holiday ever from the moment they arrive.  You must produce high standards of general work and be able to demonstrate customer service skills.

Candidates with good customer service skills and the ability to speak multiple languages will enhance the chances of gaining employment. If you are lacking skills or experiences there are also courses available to join. To be eligible you will need to qualify for a visa for your preferred destination.


How to Apply

You can search our featured worldwide hotel jobs above. Most hotels and agencies have online applications you need to fill out. Make sure you apply early as demand for seasonal opportunities can be high. 


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