Types of Articles We Publish

  • Continent/country travel guides (how to get there, why visit, tips for visitors, best places to visit, weather & best time to go, health&safety)
  • Activity pages (you could write about any travel related activity we offer e.g. tours, volunteering, teaching/working abroad, learning to scuba dive, surfing, conservation, animals etc)
  • Top tips from personal experience
  • Add a list article like Top 10 Places to Visit in Country, 10 Reasons to Visit, 5 Best Hostels/Hotels in ...
  • Add a specific list article e.g. 5 Reasons to Volunteer in, 10 Amazing Cities to Study Spanish, 5 Dream Countries to Work ...
  • Write a review of a product, service or an experience you have had; e.g. joining a tour, teaching in Asia the best experience of my life, why you should volunteer with elephants, why take a gap year in, what it's like to work abroad in, an experience of company etc
  • You can also view a list of articles we require below or view more articles on our blog.



  • You could edit, re-write or add information to a currently published page or article - feel free to send us any ideas you have
  • You can write about where you live, a place you have been before or research a totally new article for example one of our needed examples listed below
  • Generally articles are around 800-1000 words but this is just a guide, they can be less or more. If it is a list article it can be a lot less than 1000 words
  • We don't publish articles which are live on another blog or website to avoid duplicate content - we can publish similar articles though
  • We prefer articles to be written in the third person unless writing about a specific experience
  • We can add your name, blog and social links to published articles
  • Feel free to check our website and if you see a page which you think you could add information to or improve get in touch
  • If you have a different idea for an article to what we have listed below please e-mail us


What Makes a Good Article

  • Does the article title you have in mind sound interesting, helpful, informative or commercial for us to promote trips/products?
  • Will people enjoy reading it?
  • Is it relevant to our website?
  • If we were to share it on social media, would people want to read it?

Here are some examples of previous published articles which are a good example to follow in terms of structure and content:


How to Submit an Article

If you have any ideas of articles you would like to write please contact us. You can e-mail info@oneworld365.org if you need any help or when you have finished an article, feel free to send pictures too (we prefer horizontal pictures than vertical ones) but please make sure these are not copyrighted. Please also check articles before sending them for any spelling mistakes or improvements.

Once you have sent the article we will get it live and send you a link to the URL. Feel free to share on your social network pages and we will also add to relevant pages of our social network. Before sending please check the article for any spelling or grammar mistakes, also please send a final draft to save us time in re-editing the same article.


Types of Articles We are Seeking

Below you can view more information about the types of articles we publish. You might also like to view examples on our blog.


Review a Program, Company or Activity

Have you ever been overseas on a structured program e.g. a tour, volunteer program, working holiday, internship, study abroad program, scuba diving course or travel related activity? Share your experience and review a company to help future participants. 


Product Reviews

You could write a review of a travel related product e.g.

  • A camera, computer, tablet, phone, app, headphones
  • Hotel, hostel, accommodation
  • A bag, clothing, bike
  • Best gadget to take backpacking
  • Top 10 backpacks to take travelling
  • 5 best suitcases for travel
  • 10 best hiking boots
  • 10 best laptops for travelling
  • Top 5 tablets to take travelling

E.g. my 5 favourite hostels in South America, best budget notebook to take backpacking, best camera to take travelling, why this is the best backpack to travel in Asia.


Activity Articles

You could write about any adventures or activities overseas.

Articles we require or anything similar

  • A guide to ski instructor courses - popular destinations, types of courses, cost, companies, how easy it is to get a job
  • A guide to surfing / windsurfing holidays - types of courses, popular destinations, cost
  • A guide to surfing in Australia  
  • A guide to surfing in Portugal
  • A guide to surfing in the UK
  • A guide to surfing in Morocco
  • A guide to kayaking holidays  - popular destinations, cost, what to expect
  • A guide to yoga breaks abroad e.g. types of lessons, general cost, popular destinations e.g.
  • A guide to yoga breaks in India
  • A guide to pilates holidays
  • A guide to painting holidays
  • A guide to cookery holidays

Example Articles


Budget Travel

We find people really love articles about how to visit destinations cheaply. For example 

Articles we require or anything similar

  • 10 completely free things to do in Barcelona
  • 5 ways to travel across the USA on a Budget
  • 10 ways to visit New York on a Budget
  • 10 cheap places to eat in London
  • How to travel across Europe Cheaply
  • How to Travel Cheaply in Australia
  • How to Travel in South America on a Budget
  • Top Free Things to Do in Location
  • 5 Cheap Places to Eat in Location
  • 10 of the Best Budget Hostels in Location

Example Articles



We are always keen to promote tours / tour destinations/companies

Articles we require or anything similar

  • A guide to taking a tour in country, city or location - popular tours/places to visit, recommended companies, cost, departures
  • Review a tour / operator
  • Mount Everest Base Camp Treks - guide, what to expect, general cost, experience
  • Charity Challenges Abroad - what to expect, need to fundraise, popular options
  • A Guide to Mount Kilimanjaro Treks
  • Wildlife Safaris - popular destinations, types of trips e.g. budget/luxury, popular options, what to expect, when to go
  • A guide to wildlife safaris in South Africa
  • A guide to wildlife safaris in Kenya
  • A guide to wildlife safaris in Tanzania
  • A guide to sailing tours/holidays - popular itineraries, companies, destinations, tips, cost, review/experience)
  • A guide to sailing in Greece
  • A guide to sailing in Croatia
  • A guide to sailing in Thailand
  • Arctic Expeditions & Cruises
  • Antarctic Expeditions & Cruises
  • A guide to family adventure holidays
  • A guide to cycling tours/holidays abroad
  • A guide to cycling tours in Croatia
  • A guide to tiger safaris
  • A guide to Northern Lights tours / holidays
  • A guide to rail holidays
  • A guide to bird watching holidays

Example Articles:


Destination Guides

Articles we require or anything similar

  • A guide to backpacking in 
  • A guide to taking a gap year in
  • A guide to traveling in

For example airports, currency, weather, value for money, recommendations, top places to see, things to do, what to expect, tips, advice etc.

Example Articles:


General Travel Articles

Articles we require or anything similar

  • Anything travel related - locations, continents, continents or anything you can think of
  • We could do with more articles on continents (featuring multiple countries/destinations/cities)
  • 10 Places You Must Visit in... (Asia, Africa etc)
  • What to Pack for Destination
  • 50 Best Travel Channels on YouTube
  • Top 25 Travel Blogs
  • 50 Best Instagram Travel Accounts

Example Articles


Articles on Cities

We can publish articles on cities around the world including general city travel guides. 

Articles we require or anything similar

  • Guide - how to get to, things to see and do, where to stay, how to get around, top tips, places to eat
  • Top 5 things to do, alternative things to do, how to visit on a budget, 10 reasons to move to 
  • Anything related to an activity e.g. 5 Reasons to to Study Spanish in Madrid, 5 Tips for Working in, why you should intern in New York, how to get employment in London

Example Articles


Scuba Diving

Articles we require or anything similar

  • Guide to learning to scuba dive in (we can accept most worldwide location)
  • Cheapest places in the world to learn to dive
  • Best places to go scuba diving in Asua
  • A guide to scuba diving in Asia
  • A guide to scuba diving in Vietnam
  • A guide to learning to scuba dive in the UK
  • A guide to learning to scuba dive in London
  • Top tips when learning to dive
  • Recommended dive centres in
  • 5 of the best budget destinations to go diving
  • 10 tips for learning to dive

Example Articles


Working Abroad

Anything relevant to working overseas.

Articles we require or anything similar

  • Top Reasons to Work in
  • Top Tips for Gaining Employment in
  • Why Working in was the best / worst experience
  • A guide to interning in location (city/country/continent)
  • 5 best cities to intern in
  • Top tips how to work/intern in location on a budget
  • How to secure a paid internship in location
  • 10 places you might not think have internship opportunities
  • Review a company / experience
  • How to teach in (city/country/continent)
  • Top tips for gaining teaching work in
  • A guide to working a ski season in
  • A guide to working as an au-pair in
  • Tips for Writing a CV in (language) to land a job
  • Top Tips for Securing a Paid Internship in Europe
  • A guide to interning in Europe
  • A guide to internships in UK cities other than London
  • A guide to internships in Australian cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
  • A guide to internships in Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence

Example Articles


TEFL / Teaching Abroad

Anything related to TEFL courses or teaching English e.g.

  • A guide to taking a TEFL course in
  • 5 best cities to take a TEFL course
  • 10 amazing destinations in South America to study for a TEFL Certification
  • A review of a TEFL course / employer
  • Top 5 cheap places to teach English 
  • 10 tips for teaching in location
  • 5 recommendations to land a dream TEFL job in location
  • Top reasons to teach in
  • How to land a TEFL job in
  • 5 things to know before teaching in
  • What is it really like to work as a TEFL teacher in 
  • 5 amazing places to visit when teaching in 
  • 10 things you will learn teaching in 

Example Articles


Studying Abroad

Articles we require or anything similar

  • Best Scholarships for Studying Abroad
  • How to Choose Between Studying between location / location
  • Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations 
  • 25 tips for studying in location on a budget
  • How to study in location for free
  • How to Study in location on a Budget
  • Top Tips for Studying in location without speaking the local language
  • 5 Amazing Cities to Study in location
  • 10 Best Universities in Country / City
  • 25 Amazing Resources for Studying in location
  • 10 things to think about before studying in location
  • The Unexpected Lessons Studying in France Teaches You
  • How Much Does it Cost to Study in location
  • 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Studying Abroad
  • 50 reasons you should study abroad in location 
  • A guide to learning a new language in location
  • 10 reasons to learn a new language
  • A guide to learning English in London
  • A guide to learning Portuguese in Portugal
  • Top reasons to study in 
  • Top tips for studying in 
  • Anything to do with learning Spanish e.g. Top 5 Cities to Learn Spanish
  • 5 great things to do when studying in location
  • Top Tips for Studying in France on a Budget
  • Top Tips for Studying in France or any country without speaking French / the local language
  • 5 Amazing Cities to Study in location
  • 10 underrated study destinations in location
  • A guide to  learning French in Montreal, Quebec
  • A guide to learning Italian in Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence

Example Articles



Articles we require or anything similar

  • Anything volunteering / voluntourism related
  • Review a project / organisation
  • Recommendations e.g. top tips for volunteering in, the best projects/organisations
  • Specific destinations e.g. a guide to volunteering in Palestine, Haiti, London
  • Top tips for fundraising for a volunteer trip
  • 25 Amazing Resources for volunteering in location
  • 10 incredible free volunteer oppotunities in
  • How to volunteer in location on a budget

Example Articles


Wildlife & Conservation

Articles we require or anything similar

Anything topical or promoting positive conservation news/orgs e.g. poaching in Africa this year why the need for more help / what people can do donate/volunteer, 5 amazing wildlife sanctuaries in, how to volunteer with elephants in Thailand, how to be a responsible tourist, why you should avoid lion petting / elephant rides, swimming with captive dolphins or having selfies with lions and tigers etc

Example Articles


Gap Years / Backpacking

Articles we require or anything similar

  • Guide to taking a gap year in country
  • Anything gap year / backpacking / budget travel related

Example Articles


Accommodation Articles

Accommodation article can be from a few sentences to longer.

Articles we could do with, or similar

  • Recommendations for hostels or hotels in location
  • A review of a hostel / hotel
  • Best area to stay in 
  • 10 Best Hostels when Backpacking in South America
  • 5 amazing resorts to stay in... ? (the Maldives) (Bora Bora)
  • 10 Unique hotels to stay in the world 
  • The best ski resorts in location
  • Top places to stay when honeymooning in Fiji
  • 5 amazing safari resorts in South Africa
  • Best budget hotel in destination

Example Articles


Flight Articles

Articles we could do with, or similar

  • Anything flight, airline, airport related
  • Review an airline / journey
  • Top tips to beat jet lag
  • Top tips for flying long-haul to New Zealand
  • How to save money of flights to
  • How to get from airport to city centre

Example Article


Holidays / Luxury Travel

Although our website is mainly aimed at the 18-30 target market, we have a broad following on our social media pages and also publish general holiday / luxury travel articles. This could be top places to visit, tips, companies or anything relevant.

Articles we require or anything similar

  • 5 of the best luxury resorts in the Maldives
  • 10 places to visit if money was no object
  • 5 up and coming holiday destinations
  • 5 dream vacation destinations


Living / Moving Abroad

We are keen to add more content for people considering to move overseas.

Articles we require or anything similar

  • Top Things to Consider Before Moving to (Country, City, Location)
  • How much does it cost to live in (Country, City, Location)
  • How much will backpacking in Australia cost for 1 year


YouTube Style Videos

We can also add youtube style video blogs, this could you speaking about anything travel related, or just showing different places around the world.


Writing in Other Languages

Articles we require or anything similar

We can also publish articles in other languages and require the following types of articles:

  • A Guide to Learning English in the UK (Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin)
  • A Guide to Learning English in London (Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin)



Paid Positions

Writing for our website is perfect if you are looking to gain work experience, seeking a career in writing / journalism or would like to share experiences or write about travel. We provide you with an article writing profile which includes a bio, picture, website/blog link and submitted articles. You can also add this experience to your CV / resume and we can also provide a reference and advice about making a career in travel writing. If you are good enough, we will pay you to write for our website.

Due to receiving sub standard articles in the past we are unlikely to pay straight away. If you have no experience, no published articles or are not willing to demonstrate your writing style then please don't expect us to pay you to write for our website. We do pay for articles which add value to our website and to writers who we know are of a good standard. 

Other Options for Payment

  • We offer companies the chance to pay and sponsor articles, if your article gets chosen to be sponsored we will provide a revenue share.
  • You could independently contact companies seeking sponsorship, for example write a commerical article eg. the best hostels to stay in Sydney and then contact accommodation providers in the country to advertise.
  • You could write a promotional or commercial article e.g. '10 best hiking shoes to buy', 'Top 10 hotel comparison websites', '10 best hostels in Australia', 'How to Travel Cheaply Across the USA', '5 best online TEFL courses' or anything similar. We will then add relevant affiliate banners (if we have any) and if anyone clicks through and buys anything we again offer a revenue share.

Please contact us if you have any questions.



"I would like to write this little note to say, thank you. I really appreciate the opportunity you gave me to have work published on your website. Amazingly, it has lead to other work in the meantime, and I would not have had these opportunities if you had not first accepted my writing for World 365. Your help and support have made a big difference to my (now actual) writing career." - Jade Rudnyckyj