At least this was the case when Anna Pearlman was trying to plan a solo travel itinerary before she started a study abroad program.

But with so many travel companies and navigating reviews and options can be overwhelming. After deciding she didn't want to travel solo and researching lots of brands and experiences Anna chose to do a tour with Contiki.

Here she shares her experience and top reasons that you should also book a trip with Contiki.


1. Amazing Itineraries 

Contiki offer 350+ trips for every type of traveller in so many amazing destinations.

When looking through the different itinerary details, it is easy to envision your trip while you're stuck at work or school. I mean, it can't be that hard to imagine the promises of street crepes while strolling along the Champs-Elysees or Italian sunset feasts in the hills of Tuscany.  Contiki allows the most time at each destination while factoring in the amount of country hopping you do. 

It is a whirlwind, but you'll get to see so much. If you're a "check it off my bucket list" type of traveler, the high energy, quick Contikis are the trips for you. If you love the slower, more in-depth exploration of new cultures and lifestyles, I'd book a more extended trip that allows for more time at each place.

I was able to spend three days in each country, so I got the highlights of each destination but also had time to take in the culture of each city on my own. 

Popular destinations Contiki visit include:


2. Contiki Trips are Affordable

Why You Will Love Contiki

Contiki offer tours for 18-35-year-olds that want to travel without the hassle, stress, or surprise expense that incurs when traveling.  It's easy to look at the price and think it may be slightly over budget.

With food (not only your hotels but local eateries or bars as well), transportation, accommodation (comfy 3-star hotels always), AND discounted or included activities, it should be a no-brainer because it's well worth every penny!  


3. It is Extremely Convenient  

Contiki takes care of everything for you, and by everything, I really mean it. All you have to do is make sure you and your bags are ready when the bus takes off for the next spot.

It's a major all-access pass to every note-worthy landmark, and your tour manager will know everything about each place and the best things to do.

If you've never traveled or are a first-time solo adventurer, it can be really stressful and challenging planning your trip. Contiki takes a serious load off your shoulders by doing all of this for you. 


4. The Parties Are Poppin’ – If You Want Them To Be

Why I Loved Contiki

Contiki is known for partying all over Europe, and my piece of advice for this is that it is what you make it.

It can be one continuous party or the complete opposite if that is what you want - I was able to do the balancing act between the two. It is your trip though, and no one is there to judge you on what you choose to do - everyone is always respectful of what other travelers decide to do, and there are still really good alternatives.

In my experience, Contiki nights out are unmatched and will probably be some of the best nights of your life if you so choose, but skipping out to enjoy more relaxed city experiences or have an early night is also a good idea!


5. You Will Make New Friends 

There is something so special about traveling to the other side of the world and spending an extended amount of time with people you never thought you'd cross paths with. No matter how different you may be, you're all brought together by your love of travel, adventure, and fun. 

You form one giant Contiki family, and that makes it so much harder to say goodbye when the trip is done. Not only has the tour ended, but you have become so close to the people you have just traveled across a continent with, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I was so sad when my Contiki was over, but I always look forward to the next one, and remember that these new friends I have made give me a great excuse to go explore new places and visit them!


Find Your Perfect Contiki Tour

Contiki is an experience you will be talking about for a long time (sorry, friends!!), and is a great escape that forms your own little world of new places, friends, and priceless memories. No matter your traveling speed, there is always a Contiki for you.

So what are you waiting for, visit the Contiki website and search trips today:

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By Anna Pearlman