Top 10 Reasons to Become an Au-Pair

Top 10 Reasons to Become an Au-Pair

Considering the au pair route but need some persuasion? Wondering if this job is right for you and what the benefits are?

Check out our 10 reasons you should consider au pairing abroad...


1. You Get Paid

Wages are generally not huge but most jobs include free food and accommodation meaning you will get to save money. You could also get a part time job in your spare time.


2. Cultural Immersion

There are au pair positions all around the world where you will get to live in a different culture/country and discover it for yourself. Unlike a lot of similar options like internships, or study programs abroad you will live with a local family and learn a lot about them, their country and culture.


3. Gain Independence

You'll get to be independent living and working out of your comfort zone and away from your home town and country. Entering a new environment will allow you to see yourself, others and life in a totally different perspective.


4. Make a Difference

Top reasons to au pair

If you are a great au-pair or mentor you can be sure that your children will never forget you! Everyday you will be able to make a positive impact and help children have fun.


5. Learn a Language

A lot of au pair programs include free language programs where you can pick up the local lingo. This is perfect if you have no foreign language skills and very popular with people looking to work as an au pair in Spain and other destinations.


6. Gain New Skills

The experiences you gain will be helpful for future life, both career and personally. You'll learn leadership, organisation, adaptability, flexibility, problem solving, time management skills and so many more. You CV / resume will be boosted and this will look fantastic to future employers.


7. Challenge

Au pairing can sometimes be tiring and exhausting, but this is a challenge you will relish given your responsibilities. You will gain the ability to work with people from different cultures and children who might be problematic. This will be the most rewarding challenge of your life.


8. Make New Friends

Benefits of au pairing

You'll make new friends with local people and other au pairs from all over the world. You will form strong bonds with other au pairs and form strong bonds. You might also gain a second family.


9. Travel

There will be lots of free time to travel and see more of your surroundings or region. Ususally you get a few days off per week/month and then time to travel when your contact is finished. You might want to book a tour to make the most of your spare time.


10. No Regrets

Top reasons to work as an au pair or nanny

The only way to really find out if this role is for you is to apply. There are so many different destinations, our top recommendation is to view our au pair jobs in Europe which is a popular place to search roles.


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