Top Places to Study Russian in Russia

There are so many great reasons to go and study in Russia. Possible you are keen to improve your language skills, you are keen to experience the local culture and sights, or you like the idea of taking a gap year in Russia. This experience will be incredible!

You can find language schools throughout the country in places like:

  • Moscow
  • St Petersburg
  • Nizhny Novgorod
  • Petrozavodsk
  • Vladivostok
  • Novosibirsk
  • Kazan
  • Irkutsk


Best Russian Language Schools in Russia

  • Educa Russian Language Center was founded in 2003, and has for more than ten years enjoyed the reputation of one of the leading language schools in Russia. They have developed programs and approaches to meet each and every need and requirement of our students in group, individual or corporate tuition as well as in general, professional or specific communicative areas.
  • Enjoy Russian is proud that their teaching methods expand beyond the walls of the classroom. Located in the cozy town of Petrozavodsk, the school says locals are friendly and excited to help foreigners learn Russian. Those looking to experience a more “authentic” Russia will be delighted to participate in the Enjoy Russian program.
  • Ambergh Education is an established learning institute with Russian programs in three separate countries. Students can choose from eight Russian cities, two Ukrainian cities and one Latvia city. The emphasis on excursions and cultural immersion helps students quickly gain proficiency in the Russian language.  


Beginner/Intermediate Language Courses in Russia

Whether you're a complete beginner to the Russian language or already have a handle on the basics, there are many options!

  • Educa Russian Language Center located in in St. Petersburg have students come from all over the world to study on beginners group and private courses. There are also combo volunteer and intern programs available.
  • The Derzhavin Institute in St. Petersburg has a variety of class levels ranging from two weeks to nine months. Students have a several living arrangement options, from home stays to hostels to apartments. The Derzhavin Institute even arranges social activities outside of class such as Russian Film nights.
  • Ambergh Education has schools located throughout Russia, Ukraine and Latvia, all with courses varying in length and skill level. Students are encouraged to participate in local excursions to get to know the area in which they are studying. Be sure to check out Ambergh Education’s exceptional summer programs!


Russian Immersion Courses

For the ultra-determined, total immersion course are a fantastic way to learn the Russian language and begin communicating quickly and effectively. Typically in immersion programs, students are asked only to speak the language they’re learning, in this case Russian, while in the program.

For those who are up for the challenge, several schools have wonderful Russian immersion programs.

  • Educa Russian Language Center offer super intensive courses which will help you not only to speak but also to think in Russian!.
  • American Councils proudly calls itself one of the oldest and most esteemed Russian immersion programs available today. Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, courses focus on bolstering students’ reading, writing, oral, and listening skills.  A large emphasis is placed on cultural excursions and once a week students visit churches, art galleries and sites within the city.
  • Enjoy Russian highlights their location as the key factor why their students are able to pick up Russian so quickly. Situated in Petrozavodsk, a homey Russian town rather than a busy metropolitan city, students practice language in cafes and corner stores as well as in classrooms. Program lengths vary from two to four weeks.


Enrollment Times 

All year round, most courses need to be booked in advance.



Russian study programs in Russia can cost you anywhere from £150 to £300 per week. Weekly costs typically go down with longer stays. Online courses vary from free to around £10 a month. 



Russian learning programs abroad usually provide dorm rooms or arrange for homestays, hostels or apartment rentals.


Student Visa

Depending on an individual’s country of origin, visa requirements are different. Residents of the United Kingdom and the United States must apply for a Russian visa. The application process is thorough and a visa will not be granted if errors are found. Generally, if you are staying long term with a particular Russian language school, they will assist you in obtaining a visa. Visit the Russian National Tourist Office website to find out what kind of visa you should apply for depending on your trip type and length of stay.


Need Help Booking a Course?

If you have any questions about learning Russian in Russia please get in touch.


Russian Language Course/School Reviews

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