If you’re a native English speaker you could begin an enjoyable and profitable overseas career as soon as you acquire your Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification.

Still aren’t convinced it’s the path for you? Well, here are the top reasons why you should teach English abroad!


1. You can experience another culture, and get paid for it!

In the current economic climate the dream of spending a significant amount of time living abroad may seem unattainable, but by training to teach English as a foreign language you’ll be opening yourself up to a whole world of career opportunities.

Compared with teaching at an international school (for which having a degree and previous teaching experience are usually basic requirements) obtaining a TEFL qualification and putting it to use overseas is relatively straightforward, and there are a huge range of employment opportunities available.

TEFL teachers are in demand across the world, from ArgentinaMexicoCzech Republic to Thailand, so you should be able to find work no matter what nation you want to explore. And while the wage might seem low in some countries, the cost of living is also likely to be low, so don’t let that put you off.

While paying for your TEFL training and flights overseas will cost you to begin with, it’s an investment that you’ll quickly see returns on as you’ll get to earn a wage whist having a priceless experience.


2. You’ll have the time to enjoy your surroundings

Often when people go travelling they have to cut a trip short or miss out on experiences they’d been looking forward to due to a lack of funds. But if you’re taking a TEFL course overseas you can choose from so many destinations! Popular locations to choose from include:

Also teaching English as a Foreign Language contracts typically last six months and working hours are usually very reasonable, giving you plenty of time to explore – and the cash to do it properly.

You’ll also be in a position to put down semi-permanent roots, allowing you to live and work alongside local people and really appreciate the nation you’re living in.


3. You can make a Difference

The reason why people who can teach English as a foreign language are in such high demand is that many communities living in less affluent nations invest in such teachers through a desire to improve their career prospects and better their lives.

While learning English can go a long way to helping them achieve their goals, speaking English will also become a skill they can pass on to their children.

So by becoming a TEFL teacher you really could really work abroad and change someone’s life and make a long lasting difference.


4. You’ll get to Learn

Why take a TEFL course

While you’re teaching English as a foreign language your students won’t be the only ones learning.

Even if you don’t intend to make teaching a full time career, a stint as a TEFL teacher will improve your communication, leadership and organisational skills while looking good on your CV.

You’ll also get to learn about other cultures and peoples first hand, through constant exposure to a very different kind of life from the one you’re used to. And who knows, you may even learn a new language yourself!


5. You can completely change your life

Reasons to take a TEFL Course

If you want to challenge yourself and break out of your daily routine, teaching English as a foreign language is a fantastic way to do it.

Whether you’re taking a gap year or fancy a career break, or just aren’t sure what to do with your life, teaching English as a foreign language for as little as six months can open your mind to new possibilities, give you an entirely different perspective and, just maybe, change your life forever.


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