Internships in South Korea for English Speakers

Internships South Korea

If you have been doing South Korea related searches on Google and other search engines you will find it is very tough to find more information about where and how to apply for internships in this country. There are several difficulties you might have come across including not being able to understand Korean language websites, whilst many employment and university websites are not even listed on search engines!

Now more and more Korean based companies are seeking to hire international staff, many now have internship and employment pages translated into English to appeal to a broader market so be dispondent. Whether you live in South Korea or are an inernational participant there are options for everyone, including students and people just seeking work experience. Working as an intern in South Korea will be a life changing experience! If you are currently looking for, or would like to intern abroad in Korea then read on for more information.


Types of Internships Available

  • Banking & Finance
  • Business
  • Computer and tech industries
  • Graphic design and programming
  • Hospitality
  • Marketing
  • Tourism


Intern/Work in Seoul

Seoul if our top recommended destination to intern in South Korea, here you will find global multinational brands like Google located here. There are also lots of start-ups, both local and ones run by internationals based in Seoul who are keen to hire interns to help expansion too.


Intern/Work in Buscan

Buscan is a city located near Haeundae Beach, this is a great destination if you are after a relaxing beachside to intern away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul. There are a range of interships available here including tourism and hospitality.


Intern/Work in Daejeon

Daejeon is the fifth largest city in South Korea and located in the middle of the country and is a popular destination for people to teach English in Korea. Daejeon is a great city to be based due to the surrounds which you can enjoy in your spare time like the Donghak-sa Temple in Gongju-shi, the Yuseong Hot Springs or if you are seeking adventure the O-World theme park isn't too far away.


Tips for Working in South Korea as a Foreigner

  • Book a Korean language course in South Korea, options include online or in-country - this will really boost your chances of interning in this country
  • If you have knowledge of the Korean language you will find most local opportunities by search on Naver 
  • Check job listing websites like Craigslist, PeoplenJob, Seoul Professionals, Seoul Global Center and Kopra. These websites are perfect for foreginers seeking to intern in South Korea.
  • A lot of universities in Korea hold annual job recruitment fairs in September - October. If you research well you will be able to attend and speak directly to employers and asking about intership opportunities. This is a lot better than just applying online.
  • One of the best ways to get a foot on the ladder in South Korea is through networking and meeting people. The following groups and meet ups are recommended: Austcham, Amcham, EuroCham, Linkedin, Internations and the Korea Business Central.


Visa & Requirements

Gaining a visa to intern in South Korea can be difficult as you will need to get a sponsored visa. Most Korean companies will only your sponsor your visa for full time employment. An alternative option is to apply for a H1 Working Holiday visa, this gives you the flexibility to intern/work in Korea for a year. View more information about interning in Asia.


International Companies Offering Internships in Korea

We have put together a useful list of websites which will help if you are seeking to intern in South Korea.

Large Companies Based in Korea

  • Samsung 
  • LG  
  • Hanwha 
  • Doosan   
  • Lotte 
  • SK Telecom  
  • Hyundai  
  • Kia 
  • Korea Telecom  
  • Dongbu  

Medium Sized Companies

  • Dongwha Holdings 
  • Hansol 
  • Hyosung
  • Korean Air 
  • Kumho / Asiana Group  

Job Websites 

  • PeoplenJob   
  • Seoul Professionals  
  • Craiglist  
  • Seoul Global Center 
  • Kopra  

University Websites 

Universities usually offer internship placement assistance and recommendations.

  • Yonsei Korean Language institute Job Board 
  • SNU Graduate School of International Studies  
  • Sogang Freeboard 
  • Korea University 


Paid Internships in South Korea

Most internships are unpaid altough some companies offer interns a stipend salary as compensation or a move abroad deposit. Usually you will need to have some savings and be able to cover flights to Korea, accommodation, and insurance. If you teach join a teaching internship in Korea you can expect a monthly salary of around £1000 per month (KRW 1.5 million / US$1,400). 



  • Duration: The duration can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, some companies offer long term internships with a career offer in the initial agreement.
  • Working Week & What to Expect: South Koreans are hard working people with a strong work ethic, superiers and managers put a lot of trust, respect and responsibility on workers hands. Most applicants also usually have to attend a medical before gaining a position to check to see if they can cope with the amount of hours usually requried. Expect to work overtime which can be exhausting at first but if you put the effort in you will usually be rewarding in the long term by being offer a full time position.
  • Cost of Living: South Korea has an average cost of living for Asia, it is not as expensive as Japan but more expensive compared to places like China, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Transport and food in supermarkets is relatively cheap, a single journey on the subway costs around £1 ($1).
  • Accommodation: Some companies help with housing whilst others will make you find it independently. Living with a host family isn't that common in South Korea but there are lots of high rise appartments located throughout the country which are quite small in size but also not too expensive. Expect to pay more if you intern in Seoul.


South Korea Internship Reviews

If you have ever been to intern in South Korea and would like to review your experience or a company please contact us.


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