1. Escape Your World

Leave behind your home town and country and see a new part of the world. Working in the United States allows you to do more than just watching tv or working a normal summer job. A camp job will certainly beat sitting at home all summer wondering what to do with your time.


2. Have a LOT of Fun

Summer camps are worldwide and usually geared towards children and young people commonly between the ages of 7-17. The camps are residential camps, with a range of sporting and educational activities. Benefits to a summer camp job are vast. You will gain a taste for a new culture, become involved with sports and teaching children from different backgrounds and every day is different. 

Some days can be long and hard work but you will love this job. The experiences you will gain will be many and there is nothing like children to bring laughter and fun to a day. Summer camps have superb activities such as kayaking, water skiing, horse riding and many other activities. At the same time as working you will be having so much fun leading activities and working alongside American and international staff. 


3. Integrate into the Culture

Working with children and adults from the United States will allow you an incredible cultural experience where you will do and learn a lot more than just sightseeing for example. Camps are special because of the people working and visiting, everything is created to make sure American kids have the best time ever and you will too. You will also eat the food, wear the clothes and visit all the local sights. 


4. Free Meals & Accommodation

You get free lodgings with food included as with many camps, meaning you will get to save lots of money.


5. Get Paid

There are financial benefits too. You will also get concessions on travel to the camp from your home country and insurance will more often than not be paid for you. Wages might not be huge but you will also have no many outgoings, it is a cost effective way to explore a country and removes the costs that come with other travel options like gap years


6. Make New Friends

You will meet locals and also people from all over the world working at camp. People apply from so many different worldwide countries including UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Mexico just to name a few.


7. Learn New Skills

Most camps have fantastic facilities and you might get to go sailing, water skiing, horse riding or rock climbing for example. You'll get to teach children some of your own skills, which will bring fulfilment and it could even prompt you to enter education as a career. You will develop and enhance organisational skills and bring joy to youngsters. Camp is a great introduction to a working life and introducing you to time management skills, a huge benefit when it comes to working full time in your chosen career. 


8. Safety

Camp is like a bubble, it is a very safe environment to live and work. You don't need to worry about many of the things that can affect you at home.


9. Create Memories

Camp lasts around 12 weeks but during this time you will do so much, get so many pictures and create memories to last a lifetime. 


10. Get to Travel

Spending a summer working as a camp counselor is an excellent way to explore a new country, you might want to search tours in the USA where you can see amazing places like Vegas, New York, Chicago and the Grand Canyon. 


So what are you waiting for, search our USA summer camp jobs and start your application today!


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