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Oyster Worldwide

Oyster Worldwide is a well regarded gap year and responsible travel organisation with projects in 25 destinations around the world. Many of our programmes have been running since 1999.  

Try new things, challenge yourself and meet new people. Change the lives of kids in developing countries, support important animal welfare missions, or finance the best ever ski season by working in a Canadian mountain resort. Whatever you choose, Oyster will help you get it right.

With a variety of paid and volunteer options, we have projects to suit the time you have available, from 1 week to a whole year abroad. 

Each programme is managed by one of our full-time UK team members meaning that they get to know you personally, offering you help and support from the moment you apply to the moment you return from your time away. Our overseas representatives are local residents who are there to make all the arrangements locally and to be a helpful friend to you whilst you are away.

With Oyster You Get:

  • the certainty of a well-chosen programme with everything arranged in advance
  • a personal service from our experienced staff in the UK
  • thorough preparation in the UK and on arrival
  • excellent support from our representative abroad 


Duration / Dates

One week to one year with departures throughout the year.

Costs / Pay

Costs range upwards from £700

Placement Info

Animal welfare, teaching, childcare, sports coaching, medical, veterinary, tours, treks, paid work in Australia, seasonal jobs in Canada.

Contact Info

Tel: +44 (0) 1892 770 771

Address : Oyster Worldwide Limited, Hodore Farm, Hartfield, East Sussex TN7 4AR

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Oyster Worldwide Reviews

South Africa

I did the veterinary experience in South Africa July-August 2017. Would definitely recommed to anyone thinking about it. Booking through oyster allowed me to make some lifelong friendships with both volunteers and rangers I worked with. It allowed me to become more confident and do things I wouldn’t usually do!

By: Sophie
Nationality: British
Age: 18

Volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

I chose to visit the elephant sanctuary in Thailand in late summer, and loved every moment of my experience there. Thailand is known for being a friendly country anyway, but Oyster Worldwide gave me all the materials and instructions I needed to make sure my journey and stay was as comfortable as possible. Volunteering at the sanctuary was hard work but an absolutely amazing experience, one I would definitely like to repeat later on and would recommend to anyone else wondering what to do on their gap year travels, especially for someone who might be going solo like me. Two weeks wasn’t enough for me; I would’ve liked to explore more of Thailand after I got comfortable with the customs and locations. I made so many friends and memories in such a short time and have become more confident in decision making skills, as well as becoming more relaxed. I am currently looking for my next adventure and I’m thinking about using Oyster Worldwide again, definitely a company to trust :)

By: Charlotte M
Nationality: British
Age: 19

Safety net

I went to volunteer at an elephant & wildlife refuge in Thailand and would recommend it to anyone! Oyster is there every step of the way and answered any little question I had as a first time solo traveler. Having Oyster there to call if any problems occurred (which they didn’t ) puts your mind at ease..

By: Ashley
Nationality: British
Age: 24

Oyster Worldwide Volunteer Review

Oyster were very informative and the program I joined was very well designed. Overall I had a really fantastic experience and it was totally different to anything I have done before.

By: Eric
Nationality: Canada
Age: 20

Oyster Worldwide = Amazing

I went on the Romania Oyster placement and wouldn’t change a thing. It was a very easy and stress free experience. I would apply with Oyster again

By: Helen
Nationality: Australia
Age: 20

Apply if you want the experience of a lifetime

I joined a wildlife program with Oyster in South Africa. The staff and very friendly and the trip was amazing.

By: Elyse
Nationality: UK
Age: 18

Oyster Worldwide Experience

I applied to work in Canada with Oyster Worldwide and would recommend it :)

By: Karl
Nationality: Australian
Age: 29

Oyster Worldwide Review

Oyster provided me with the most wonderful experience of my life helping animals in Africa. The trip gave me a sense of achievement and I got to learn new things and boost my confidence. I wish I had booked a longer trip, it was really life changing.

By: Linda
Nationality: British
Age: 40

Incredible Company

I went to work in Canada through Oyster Worldwide who helped me with the application and getting to Canada. I met lots of new friends and had an incredible season on the slopes.

By: Heather
Nationality: UK
Age: 21

Brazil Trip with Oyster Worldwide

I went to volunteer in Brazil with Oyster in 2016 and would recommend the company.

By: Abigail
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Oyster Review

I joined a program in Romania which included volunteering and sightseeing. It was very rewarding and the Oyster Worldwide staff were very helpful before booking and once I was on my placement.

By: Ann
Nationality: British
Age: 48

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