Volunteers will become part of worthwhile conservation projects that aim to help preserve one of the world’s most unique set of islands.  Aid in combating issues such as the introduction of foreign species, coastal erosion and the effects of drought and pollution.

There is the possibility for you to work in urban, regional and remote locations and take part in activities such as wildlife surveys, weed control, seed collection, walking trail construction and habitat and heritage restoration.

There are three gateway cities for participants to chose from including Auckland and Wellington on the North Island and lovely Christchurch on the South. From here you will travel to project locations and join passionate and inspiring locals in their mission to preserve New Zealand’s heritage and environment.

Enjoy volunteering with a group of up to 10 others enthusiasts and learn how to perform your tasks in safety under the guidance of your conservation leader. Hours are generally from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday which leaves the weekends to explore whichever exciting location that you are based in. 

Most projects take between 1-2 weeks and we encourage a 4 week period in order to make the most of experiencing a range of tasks and locations. 

New Zealand is home to glorious beaches, stunning fiordland and is steeped in rich Maori history and customs. Wherever you chose to go, won't be disappointed!