You will be working with a Costa Rican non-profit marine and research organisation in small village communities, helping to protect nesting turtles and their eggs, and ensuring that the baby turtles make it safely to the sea.

Costa Rica is home to stretches of lush turtle nesting beaches all along its coastline. Due to natural predation from animals and severe human interference such as turtle egg poaching, industrial fishing and selling turtle shell products, all turtle species from the Pacific Coast are, to some degree, in danger of becoming extinct.

As a volunteer, you will help with nightly beach patrols to monitor nesting mother turtles. This involves collecting data on the turtles, collecting their eggs and monitoring the beachside hatchery. During the day, there may be tasks such as data uploading, hatchery work and beach clean ups. In the baby turtle season, from September - December, you will also be releasing baby turtles back to the sea.