Volunteer as a Teacher in Nepal

Company : Oyster Worldwide
Location : Kathmandu Valley
Duration: 4 weeks to 6 months
Approx Costs: 1250 to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

Immerse yourself in Nepali life by volunteering in the Kathmandu Valley.

Nepal is home to the breathtaking Himalayas and some of the world’s most hospitable people. Never having had a colonial past, Nepal retains its rich Buddhist culture that only the more adventurous travellers ever see.

You will live and work in the magnificent Kathmandu Valley in an urban school. Kathmandu is one of the world’s most exotic cities and a base for trekkers and climbers who have come to Nepal to trek and explore some of the highest mountain ranges in the world including Mount Everest!

You will live with a local Nepalese family becoming the guest of honour at events and occasions. This will enable you to immerse yourself in local culture and get beneath the skin of Nepal – something you would not experience as a tourist.

Your main job is to help with the English teaching. Your ability to speak and write good English is incredibly useful to the Nepalese people for whom English is vital for tourism and business. Besides teaching English volunteers enjoy using their interests to run a sports team or get involved in music, art or drama. Often it is in the extra curricular activities that volunteers can really leave their mark, and a legacy, on a school.

Trekking, rafting and a yoga retreat are some activities that can be added to this trip.

Start Dates

All year round
Shorter stays are available for those with experience

Costs / Benefits

Includes accommodation, food, airport pick-up, orientation, 24/7 in-country support.

Booking / Enquiry

Oyster Worldwide Volunteer as a Teacher in Nepal Reviews

Volunteer teaching in Nepal

My experience with the school has been really good. After a few days and a few classes, I started to understand the level of English the students could understand and learn at so it was easier to create lesson plans for them. Once I understood that, classes became more fun. The teachers are really funny and very friendly if you get to know them. Overall, volunteering at the school has been great and very rewarding (especially when students start telling you to come to their class)

By: Amelia
Nationality: UK
Age: 21

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