This is a truly inspirational and highly regarded project. As a volunteer you can experience the important rehabilitation process, feeding the monkeys and nurturing them back to health. You can take part in the fantastic process of returning monkeys back to the wild once they are fit, healthy and able once again.

Sadly vervet monkeys are often considered pests in South Africa, and can be shot and killed if acting in a way that is undesirable. This leaves many orphaned young or severely injured adults. The rehabilitation centre takes in all such primates with the aim of rehabilitating the animals until they are well enough to be released in to the wild, where they can lead a full and entirely natural life.

What will I be doing?

You will be working hands on with the monkeys every day. Daily tasks include feeding, interacting with and playing with these cheeky creatures, watching and generally getting to experience and understand them. Many of the orphaned baby monkeys need feeding every two hours, so it can be very full on! You will also be cleaning enclosures and preparing food for the adults. This work is crucial, as it allows for the smooth running of the centre and means that more monkeys in distress can be cared for. Throughout all your experiences you will have the privilege of knowing that you are contributing to their release back into the wild, and may even get the chance to witness a release.