This is no 'water park' experience - you will be working with wild sharks and whales as they dominate the ocean surrounding South Africa.

While these magnificent creatures may seem untouchable, they are facing extinction with a huge decline in their population year on year. Dating back 400 million years, sharks are one of the world's oldest living species and we would like to keep it that way!

Our project offers volunteers the chance to observe and monitor sharks both above and below water. By photographing them and recording marks and injuries you will be contributing to crucial scientific research. You will also join educational tourism trips to see the sharks and, helping to shake off the continuing media driven stigma surrounding them, hopefully helping others to start loving and caring about these animals as much as you do!

If that isn't enough of a draw, you can also help out at a penguin rescue centre, assist with beach clean ups and attend lectures. It is a perfect way to learn more about the marine world and help contribute towards its survival.