Join a team of committed conservationists at an elephant park in South Africa, home to a family of ten resident elephants. The elephants roam freely and safely in the extensive park, recovering from any stress or trauma that their previous lives dealt them.

The park was established in 1994 to offer a safe environment to elephants that were victim to human cruelty. These gentle giants live in a controlled free range environment. The elephants walk in the fields as they do in the wild but are under the constant eye of experienced guides as they are living amongst humans. They are never asked to perform tricks or behave in a manner that is not natural to them.

Volunteers help with the research, monitoring, enrichments and care. Other tasks include harvesting food for the elephants, data inputting and marketing tasks.

The great thing about this project is that it gets you close to the elephants in a way that you would never be able to experience on safari. You will get to know them and, incredibly, find that they also get to know and trust you as well. It is perfect for anyone who has a passion for these magnificent animals and wants to help safeguard their future.