South Africa is famous in the world of sport, epsecially in the realms of rugby, swimming and cricket. Every year, the country becomes more prominent in international sports and produces countless sporting heroes. This programme allows volunteers to take their own passion for sport and to pass this on to the children living in Port Elizabeth's townships. There really is nothing like being there when a child saves their first goal or scores their first try!

What will I be doing?

As a volunteer, you can choose to teach a whole range of sports, and can combine them too. Sports include football, rugby, cricket, netball, hockey, tennis, swimming and basketball. Volunteers travel together to three schools each day, five days per week, to coach their favourite sports to these enthusiastic kids. Sessions last 90 minutes and cover drills, games and general fitness.

At the beginning of your time in South Africa you will receive a 4 day induction. This covers information on coaching, the area that you will be in and how to get the most of your experience. You will be coaching with people from all over the world, and will soon make firm friends.