Want to learn how to dive and explore some of the world's most vibrant coral? This programme will expose you to the fascinating, underwater world of the ocean and the brightly coloured marine life that live there.

As a volunteer, you will work alongside a marine research organisation and dive daily to better understand the complex underwater ecosystem. The main aim is to identify the main causes of the rapid depletion of coral.

From overfishing to climate change, there are a lots of factors that are causing the beautiful coral damage and you will get to work with the marine experts to find out what can be done to reverse this.

This is a hands on programme and the typical activities that volunteers will be involved in involve:

  • Daily diving
  • Gathering data from about coral and fish species
  • Taking photographs
  • Take samples and measurements

Novices are very welcome as professional diving instruction is available.

Whether you are looking to do a scuba diving gap year, are taking a career break or are simply looking for volunteer holidays abroad, joining this programme is an amazing opportunity to improve your diving and make a valuable contribution to marine conservation.