Live the life of a mobile veterinarian on this internship in South Africa. You will be on the move between game reserves, farms and veterinary clinic helping with a wide variety of animals as you go. This internship will give you a valuable insight into the veterinary world in a developing country. You will be exploring the beautiful Eastern Cape whilst helping to improve the welfare of the animals living in the wild, on farms and within disadvantaged communities.

This veterinary internship is a very hands-on practical approach to veterinary work across reserves, farms and local communities. It allows participants to make a genuine contribution whilst using their knowledge. Most participants are studying or have studied veterinary medicine, although growing numbers are also using this internship to gain experience for university applications. It is important to have some experience of working with animals prior to joining this project.

There are a plethora of veterinary issues with which you might be faced. All of these tasks are based around the animals’ needs at the time. Activities might include:

  • Blood tests
  • Monitoring animal behaviour
  • Health checks
  • Checking for parasites, diseases and injuries
  • Application of antibiotics
  • Vitamin enhancement
  • Animal care
  • Game relocation

Many of the tasks are aimed to improve the welfare of animals across the farms, reserves and clinics. You should expect to see some animals in distress or that have been poorly cared for.