LIve off the beaten track in a tiny pocket of paradise. This project is located next to a river which travels through Borneo - and the forests that surround that river are home to wild orangutans and pygmy elephants.

The number of orangutans and pygmy elephants in the area has been in decline in recent years, due in the main to the logging industry which is destroying their habitat. This project aims to replant areas of the rainforest which have been destroyed by logging, which will mean that more wild animals can flourish here again.

You will be helping with clearing vegetation, planting saplings and maintaining areas of the rainforest. In addition to this, you will be monitoring the wildlife that you see in and around the river - from orangutans to crocodiles, from proboscis monkeys to all sorts of birds. The monitoring is key to ascertain the success of the tree planting project.

You will be living in a lovely guest house next to the river. Meals are provided by the local community, and you and your group will eat with local families. The food is incredible!

At the end of your trip, you will be treated to a visit to the famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabiliation Centre and Sun Bear Rehabilitation Centre.