Once boasting a population of 20,000 elephants, Sri Lanka now only has 5000 of these beautiful, gentle giants left living outside captivity. With increased farming destroying the elephants' natural homes, the future of the Sri Lankan elephant is bleak. In Sri Lanka, the elephant is a symbolic creature and the local communities are desperate to protect these sacred animals. That's why you are needed!

What will I do in Sri Lanka?

As a volunteer, you will be working all over the elephant’s natural habitat. It is a hands on programme and some of the tasks you will be getting involved include

  • Researching and surveying
  • Observing the animals' behaviour
  • Trekking through the jungle to follow elephant grazing trails
  • Identiying and photographing the elephants
  • Teaching local children about environmental issues and promoting awareness

All of these task will help to preserve these magnificent creatures so that they thrive in future generations. As one of the top 25 most bio diverse countries, Sri Lanka strives to protect its wildlife and ensure that humans and animals live alongside each other successfully.

What about my free time?

The area that you will be working with is absolutely jaw-dropping. Surrounded by mountains, jungles and wetlands, there certainly is enough to explore. You can mingle with the locals, swim in nearby lakes and soak up the vibrant atmostphere. With accommodation overlooking a ring of mountains and the forest, near a small villiage, you will be happy to call it home. It is close to the Wagmamuwa National Park, meaning you will get to see a fanastic range of animals- it is a real must for any animal lover!